Adorable Video Shows Moment Young Boy Finally Gets Shark Inside Kinder Egg After Eight Months Of Trying

Jayden Lakey finally gets the Kinder surprise shark which has has hunted for eight months.
Jayden Lakey finally gets the Kinder surprise shark which has has hunted for eight months.
Jayden Lakey finally gets the Kinder surprise shark which has has hunted for eight months.

This heart-warming video shows the moment a boy who spent months buying hundreds of Kinder Eggs trying to find a specific toy FINALLY gets one.

Little Jayden Lakey, six, who is autistic, has been desperately searching for a plastic shark inside the chocolate treats since December – with no success.

His mum Vicky, 37, launched a plea on social media for help and hundreds of people sent in their own shark toys.

But she said he needed to find the egg himself to fulfill his wish and his search went on.

Manufacturer Ferrero got in touch and sent an egg with a shark inside – which the family kept secret from Jayden.

And on Thursday Vicky and husband Richard watched and filmed the moment Jayden finally found his shark.

Vicky, of Plympton, Devon, said: “Jayden is a very, very happy little boy and went to bed holding on tightly to his shark.

”He’s been searching for in Kinder Eggs for eight whole months. This shark will be cherished. It will go everywhere with him.

“Without everyone’s support this wouldn’t have happened. The generosity of people has been so overwhelming.

”I send our sincere thanks to everyone near and far for your messages and kind delivery of eggs from all over the UK in the search of the shark.

“We do a lot of fighting for this little fella to gain him additional help which he is none the wiser, but this fight, this end result he will totally understand thanks to you all supporting him.”

Jayden Lakey finally gets the Kinder surprise shark which has has hunted for eight months.
Jayden Lakey finally gets the Kinder surprise shark which has has hunted for eight months.

Vicky and husband Richard, who run RL Motor Services in Plympton, were buying the eggs in the hope a shark would finally fall out.

She said the importance of opening the egg himself and finding the surprise was Jayden’s his main priority.

Vicky said: “We have been fortunate to receive a couple sharks already opened from children, however we haven’t given these to Jayden as he needed to find the shark himself in an egg.

“But now this has finally happened, he will be so thrilled to have the set.”

Jayden’s obsession with finding the shark came after seeing a picture of the surprise gift on the display box of Kinder Eggs at a supermarket over Christmas.

He has since carried an empty Kinder Egg box around with him clearly displaying the shark he hopes to call his own.

Ferrero said: “We are already in contact with Mrs Lakey and have been searching through our collection of surprises to find a Shark toy.

“We are delighted that we have been able to find one for Jayden and arrange its safe passage to Plymouth across land and sea.”

Vicky described seeing her son’s face as he finally got his shark as a “special moment.”

 © Vicky Lakey /
© Vicky Lakey /

She said: “We are absolutely delighted that Jayden has his most prize possession at last, the Kinder shark.

“Receiving the delivery from Ferrero Rocher was just as exciting for us.

“To finally be able to give your son something that means so much to him at last was a special moment for us.

“He is a child that never wants for anything … but a Kinder shark. We finally made his dream come true.

“Jayden took the shark to bed with him and it was so lovely to see that sound asleep, he was still holding on to it tightly.

“Like any parent we have wanted to make our son happy and purchasing an 85p Kinder Egg as a treat to find a shark at the beginning of the year seemed a relatively easy exercise.

“Eight months on and we only just have it, but we are so pleased Ferrero assisted our shark search in the end.

“Certainly money couldn’t buy happiness in this instance, as if we knew where the shark was hiding in which egg, we would have purchased it ages ago.

“The generosity from people all over the UK has been amazing. Not only has Jayden received Kinder Eggs, but shark merchandise, plus a VIP invitation to feed the sharks at Plymouths National Aquarium.

“We express our sincere thanks to all involved.”

A spokesperson for Ferrero said: “Jayden’s enthusiasm in his hunt for the shark toy inspired us and we were determined to try to make his wish come true.

“However, to keep the magic of the Kinder moment of ‘surprise’ in every egg, we don’t know which toy will appear in each of our finished and wrapped Kinder Surprise eggs.

“So we searched across land and sea to find a shark toy for Jayden, and we then created a special one-of-a-kind version of Kinder Surprise for him to enjoy.

“The philosophy of Kinder Surprise is to spark the imagination of children everywhere, and we are delighted to hear about the enjoyment our products bring.”


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