Adorable photos show cute babies riding camels, fighting octopus’ and plundering the seas as pirates

(Neli Prahova / SWNS Group)

These amazing images show newborn babies playing lead roles in iconic Arabic scenes.

(Neli Prahova / SWNS Group)
(Neli Prahova / SWNS Group)

Professional photographer Neli Prahova, 35, decided to think outside the box and give her clients a baby shoot to remember.

In the shoots Neli, of London, recreated famous scenes from Arabian cartoon and folklore.

In one photo a baby is dressed as Sinbad the Sailor and is fighting off an octopus.

In another the child play Aladdin and is flying on a magic carpet.

(Neli Prahova / SWNS Group)
(Neli Prahova / SWNS Group)

Neli said: “I decided to do something a bit different for some of my clients. It was quite difficult to recreate some of the scene, especially if the babies were crying.

“Some of the photos were really good, especially where the babies eyes are open and they are looking around.”

This is the second project Neli has taken part in. In 2014 she recreated scenes of super heroes around babies.

(Neli Prahova / SWNS Group)
(Neli Prahova / SWNS Group)

This time she decided to change to theme, much to the delight of her Saudi Arabian clients.

She said: “I do the scenes as part of photographing the babies. If the parents want something a bit different I offer to do it.

“It’s quite a challenge and usually takes a couple of hours to shoot the whole thing. It’s easier if the babies are sleeping and I move everything around them really quickly.

“It is really the thought that goes into it that takes the time. I spent a lot of time thinking what scenes to create beforehand and suggesting it to the parents.

(Neli Prahova / SWNS Group)
(Neli Prahova / SWNS Group)

“They all seemed really pleased with the results.

“I think the photos are more for the parents really but maybe in 20 years time the babies can look back and have a laugh at the photos.”

Neli has been a professional photographer for the past eight years and has been taking pictures since she was 14.


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