Adorable Moment Family Wear Helmets To Sooth Baby Son Who Has To Wear One 23 Hours A Day

Jonas Gutierrez, (4 months).
Jonas Gutierrez, (4 months).
Jonas Gutierrez, (4 months).

This is the adorable moment a family donned bike helmets to eat breakfast – in solidarity with their baby who needs to wear one 23 hours a day.

Little Jonas Gutierrez, four months, suffers from severe plagiocephaly – flat head syndrome.

The condition means he has a flat spot at the back of his head and the skull is also being pushed out at the sides.

Doctors warned that the cute tot would end up with asymmetrical facial features unless he wore a helmet to correct the deformity

When he came home wearing his new accessory for the first time last week, his big sister Camila, three, noticed straight away – and wanted to wear her helmet too.

Jonas Gutierrez, (4 months) with sister Camila (3) and dad Gary (30).
Jonas Gutierrez, (4 months) with sister Camila (3) and dad Gary (30).

cycle-of-love-a-18066Mum Shayna, 31, a nursery director of Texas, US, said: “Camila said, ‘Jonas has a helmet,’ and I said, ‘Yes, to fix his head.’

“She said, ‘I have got a helmet,’ and she went to her closet and got her helmet out.

“Often my husband will be working on his bikes and she will wear her helmet on her scooter.

“On Saturday morning she went and got her helmet and asked my husband to put it on. Then she said, ‘I will get yours daddy.’”

Camila and her dad, licensed irrigator Gary, 30, wore their helmets as they munched on their scrambled eggs at the table.

Doting mum Shayna watched on and snapped a precious photo of the moment.

She said: “It was just too cute.

“Her helmet is still lying around and if she sees my husband he will put his on.

“She will do as much as a three-year-old can grasp. She will tell Jonas hers has giraffes on it. It’s very sweet.”

Jonas was born with a large head which placed him in the upper 99th percentile for newborns.

Medics believe that pressure on the back of his skull could have started in the womb.

In his early days he slept perfectly and developed a soft spot on the back of his head where it rested as he led on his back.

Shayna and Gary tried turning him onto his tummy and repositioning him through the night but he kept rolling back into the same position.

Jonas Gutierrez, (4 months) with mum Shayna (31).
Jonas Gutierrez, (4 months) with mum Shayna (31).
Jonas Gutierrez, (4 months) with sister Camila (3).
Jonas Gutierrez, (4 months) with sister Camila (3).

Mum-of-two Shayna said: “At four months my paediatrician wanted me to get it checked out.

“When we visited the doctor we thought it was a mild case but I guess that’s mother’s love – it was actually quite severe.

“His brain is pushing his skull out to the sides.”

The couple were told the best solution would be cranial helmet therapy.

The tot now wears a special helmet designed to lessen the deformity and sculpt his head back into shape 23 hours a day.

Shayna added: “We are super excited about the progress and changes that will be made.”

Jonas will have to wear the helmet for up to six months.


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