4 Ways You Can Revamp Your Instagram On A Shoestring Budget


Every brand wants a prominent Instagram. From the local coffee shop to the up-and-coming tech startups, almost every company wants to engage more with their base on the platform, especially those who rely on visuals to sell their goods or services. However, with how competitive it can be, getting started without breaking the bank can be difficult, which is why we’re here to help. Check it out below:

Give Your Brand A Facelift

Branding can be an afterthought for a company. While it’s not that they don’t want to invest in a quality image, they either don’t have the funds to hire an agency or don’t have the network of creatives to make it happen, leaving them with a placeholder logo. Granted, even though not every company needs to have a good logo, if you’re looking to impress people on Instagram, then it’s an absolute must; because as noted by 99 Firms, 90 percent of the top global brands now use the photosharing app. That’s a pretty daunting number of companies you’re competing against, which is why a facelift might not be a bad idea.

A smart place to start is by jotting down everything you like and don’t like about your brand. Imagine how you would feel about this in the wild as something that’s not your own, asking what type of personality it has, as well as what your voice would sound like. Building your brand is something people overlook or consider to be a quick process. Take your time finding the right resources to make your brand pop, like Fiverr or Behance. Although looking for the perfect designer at a solid price point is going to be a patient process, you’ll also end up with a brand that you can utilize well beyond Instagram, which is definitely worth the effort.

Know Your Audience

Regardless of how many followers you currently have, the biggest strength to gaining more of a base is knowing your audience. Not only will you be able to start engaging with them more, but you’ll also have a steady feed of feedback to research off of how to find more customers. We’ll note that the process for finding your initial target can require a little bit of intricacy, diving deep into demographics and what they represent. However, let’s first take a step back from a bird’s eye view.

It’s no secret that Instagram is a young person’s game. In fact, 71 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds are currently active on the platform, making it a hub for the youth. Take a look at your base within that demographic and assign a customer profile to them–for example, women 22-28 who are active, into streetwear, and live in urban areas. When looking into different sectors, consider employing an engagement agency like Magic Social to help pinpoint the specific audience and start building a stronger base. Remember, your following is your foundation, which is why investing in them early has a tremendous amount of long-term value.

Be Efficient With The Right Tools

When done right, utilizing the proper tools to help manage and promote your Instagram can actually return a pretty sizeable ROI. The biggest reason why it’s more worth it here than on any other social platform comes down to engagement, which as noted by Our Social Times, hold rates that are 15 times higher than that on Facebook, as well as up to 20 times higher than that on Twitter. The right Instagram tools can be well worth the price, making much better use of your time and energy.

As being successful with Instagram has a lot of moving parts, take a look at where you believe your strengths lie; for example, if you’re a solid designer or photographer but lack an ability to do content planning and management. From there, take a look at the tools that will best help ease the process of your weaknesses, as well as play up your strengths. We’ll note that there are certain tools that just make the overall process much easier, such as planners and tracking mechanisms, but ultimately vary in pricepoint dependent on your team size as well as the amount of content you’re producing. Experiment around a little bit to find your flow, giving you the proper procedures to thrive.

Stay Consistent With Your Posts

Finally, if there’s one thing you can always fall back on for revamping your Instagram, it’s staying consistent with your posting. According to Inc Magazine, brands that consistently are presented see a 23 percent increase in profits, which can make a world of difference for most. Granted, this doesn’t mean that you need to simply just post more but become more of an active member of your community. The goal is to grow your audience, and the only way you can accomplish that is by creating shareable content.

The general goal of your content should always be to push a conversation further. Whether that’s with what your company’s latest offerings are, how you feel about something that happened in your industry or even an inside look at your company’s culture, it’s all about continuing to show people what you’re up to and what your place is in the industry. A helpful trick to diversify your content is by creating a calendar listing out each sector. As your business is your passion, embrace this as an opportunity to be engaged in doing what you love every day, and the rest will come naturally.

What are some ways you’ve found successful in revamping your Instagram? Comment with your insights below!


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