4 Tips For Exploring NYC



The thought of travelling to New York elicits visions of wonderful big city adventures with interludes of drinks sheltered by tiny umbrellas, but most travelers go back home even more stressed out! This is a result of not having enough time to experience the city or overbooking yourself. In fact, most people are just as excited planning the trip, as they are when they actually get there.

Considering that you have limited time off from work – and vacationing in New York is not exactly cheap – how can you enjoy your time there even more? Are you having enough fun in NYC? Here are a few tips and tricks that will make your next trip that much more enjoyable.


A comprehensive travel plan may just work against you instead of encouraging you to enjoy your time off work. Instead, step back from your rigorous itinerary and inject some improvisation. For example, you can pick one or two must-do activities and must-see locations like a guided Central Park bicycle tour or a bus tour. The biggest issue for travelers is simply trying to fit in too much, without space for relaxation.

It’s not the end of the world, if you don’t manage to see every city sight. You don’t want to have a memorable holiday for all the wrong reasons – stressed, rushing from place to place and waiting in long queues. Schedule in lots of free time and you will see how much fun New York can be.

Make Fun Memories

Holidays do not last forever, but memories you make, last a lifetime! A huge portion of having fun is looking back at the memories and sharing them with your family and friends back home. So take time, have fun and make every moment interesting.

Pose with sculptures, take jump shots, take selfies and generally be as goofy as you can be. The crazy moments you capture on camera lead to some of the best and most memorable photos, entertaining everyone who sees them. Be comfortable and enjoy the moment!


Manage Expectations

Residents of Denmark are said to be the happiest the world over; one thing that is attributed to this is because they keep their expectations in check about what is coming. Simply, the Danes have fewer expectations at the beginning of the year, meaning they are pleasantly surprised when good things happen. Take an example from the Danes and do not become fixated on creating the perfect getaway.

Instead of telling everyone who will listen that you are in for the best week in your life, hope that your trip will be successful. Alternatively, instead of imagining clear, cloudless skies the moment you get to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, think about what New York will look like from above soaked in the rain. This will help you avoid feeling disappointed when things don’t go as expected, and may even inspire you to have a plan B.

Take a Break from Your Devices

Are you thinking of packing your iPhone, Blackberry, MacBook, iPad and Kindle for your 3-day weekend to New York? Evaluate whether you really need them. Without a device distracting you, you will have an easier time letting go the hassle of your everyday life and really enjoy your time.

If you want to use your phone for photos, you can always disable email so the pinging of emails coming in does not take you away from a can’t-miss-moment. If you have to check on your online life, then schedule two or three times a day for checking messages and email. Spend the rest of the time signed out and taking in all New York has to offer you.


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