4.05pm is ‘Twit o’clock’ – OFFICIAL


4.05pm was dubbed ‘Twit o’clock’ – because its the point in the working day when employees down tools and log onto social networking sites like Twitter.

Research revealed the average worker logs onto Twitter or Facebook to post tweets and updates close to the end of their day at the office.

The study also found the average worker spends 42 minutes logged on to social networking sites when they should be working.

One in six admitted being distracted by the sites because they keep them open in the background on their computer screens.

A spokesman for www.OnePoll.com, which carried out the study, said: ”Twitter is one more thing for employers to worry about.

”However, while Facebook and Myspace were more about personal lives, people are able to get away with looking at Twitter by claiming to use it for work purposes.

”While it can be a great way for people to network, reading other people’s posts can be distracting and mean the work we are supposed to be doing gets left behind.”

The study of 3,000 Twitter users revealed 16 per cent log into Twitter as soon as they get into the office and check it before starting any of their work for the day.

It also emerged 18 per cent admit their boss has no idea they spend so much of their working day on the site.

Researchers also revealed more than three quarters of Brits use it for personal purposes, while just seven per cent use it for work.

Around 41 per cent of people said Twitter was good for their business.

Celebrities are the most followed people on Twitter with 64 per cent saying they do this, followed by real-life friends, anyone interesting and people connected with their job.


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