The world’s first selfie taken by a SHEEP

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This lamb took its own selfie using his owners phone

This lamb took its own selfie using his owners phone

This cheeky farmyard animal has accidentally taken the world’s first selfie – by a SHEEP.

The cute lamb managed to take his own picture after his owner David Fursdon put down his phone.

David placed the handset on the floor of a barn to bottle feed the lamb’s sister and the cheeky three-week-old sibling went to investigate.

The Greyfaced Dartmoor lamb, which has not yet been named, pressed his nose against the phone – and took a snap of himself.

Proud owner David, from Exeter, Devon, took to Twitter to post the shot – the world’s first sheep selfie – or a SHEEPIE.

He said:  “He managed to borrow the phone to take a selfie. What do you think? #LambingLive.

“He nicked the phone while I was bottle feeding his sister! He’s bright!”

The word “selfie” was named as the word of the year in 2013.

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