World’s fastest Ferrari Enzo crashes into Atlantic Ocean

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This is the moment the world’s fastest Ferrari span out of control – and ended up in the Atlantic Ocean.

World's fastest Ferrari Enzo crashes in Atlantic Ocean

Zahir Rana was driving the 240mph Ferrari Enzo in the Newfoundland Targa road race in Canada when he suffered a ”slight mishap” on the gravel surface.

He lost control of the £1 million-plus supercar and spun 180 degrees before careering off the road and ending up in the water.

Miraculously, Zahir and his co-driver Roland Linder escaped from the submerged supercar without injury.

The Ferrari drifted back to shore before being lifted from the water onto the back of a waiting recovery vehicle.

World's fastest Ferrari Enzo crashes in Atlantic Ocean

Zahir, a supercar dealer from Calgary, Canada, says the one-off Enzo only suffered ”slight damage” to the front bumper and wing and will be repairable.

He said: ”My first thoughts were I love my Enzo and to me it’s the best thing ever but I suppose it’s just a car.

”With speed comes a little bit of risk and this is what happens when you push and are into racing.

”I love speed and I push to the max and this is what most race cars drivers do. I love every aspect of it and for me it is fine.

World's fastest Ferrari Enzo crashes in Atlantic Ocean

”I was talking about doing something different to the car this winter and now I have no choice but I will make it a better and stronger car.

”I can say I survived a crash in an Enzo.”

The Ferrari Enzo is the most extreme legal car to ever come out of the famous company’s factory in Maranello, Italy, with just 400 rolling of the production line.

Owners include Jay Kay, Eric Clapton, Nick Mason and Ralph Lauren.

But Zahir’s model is a one-off based on the FXX race car and tuned by German tuner Edo Competition.

Power from the 6.3-litre V12 engine has been boosted from 651bhp to 840bhp with weight reduced by 100kg.

World's fastest Ferrari Enzo crashes in Atlantic Ocean

As a result, the Edo Enzo will accelerate from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds, 0-124mph in 9 seconds and 0-186mph in 19 seconds before hitting a top speed in excess of 240mph.

A high number of Enzos have been lost through crashes and fires – with the dwindling number of models having a favourable effect on prices, with used Enzos changing hands for upwards of £1 million.

World's fastest Ferrari Enzo crashes in Atlantic Ocean

The Newfoundland Targa is a 1,400 mile race which takes place on closed public roads between September 10 and September 17.

Motorsport enthusiasts from across the planet take part in the Canadian event in everything from Minis to Ferraris.

World's fastest Ferrari Enzo crashes in Atlantic Ocean


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