Woman named Becky Christmas due to give birth on Christmas Day

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Becky Christmas who is expecting to give birth - on Christmas day pictured with her partner Steve Nairn (SWNS Group)

Becky Christmas who is expecting to give birth – on Christmas day pictured with her partner Steve Nairn (SWNS Group)

A mum-to-be called Becky Christmas was left speechless when she was told she was due to give birth on CHRISTMAS DAY.

The 25-year-old knew her little girl was coming around Christmas time but she couldn’t believe it when doctors told her the actual due date was December 25.

She is spending the day with her family in Stapleford, Notts., and hopes to be able to finish her Christmas dinner and pull a few crackers before the contractions kick in.

Today (Thurs) the IT worker, who lives with partner Steven Nairn, 29, in Long Eaton, Notts., said: “If she arrives, that will be the best Christmas present of all.

“She was due Christmas week but when we went for the dating scan they told us it was Christmas Day. We couldn’t believe it.

“We knew everybody would ask ‘did you plan it to be like that?’. But I think that would have required military planning.

“We’ve decided on a name but we’re keeping it a secret. We’re staying away from Holly and Mary – the obvious festive names. I’ve heard all the jokes like ‘is your name Mary Christmas?’

“She will keep both our surnames. It will be Christmas-Nairn. My dad had two girls, so the Christmas name dies with us.

“After that Steven’s the only one who can carry the name on so we thought it would be nice to combine them.

“I’m looking forward to Christmas dinner with the family and hopefully someone will be able to stay sober to drive me to hospital if she does make an appearance.

“We wanted to have a baby a year ago but I was diagnosed with an over-active thyroid. My consultant said it wasn’t safe for me conceive until my thyroid was under control.

“I have been so lucky. All the way through the pregnancy I’ve felt well. Last year I didn’t realise how unwell I felt until I got pregnant and then suddenly I had all this energy and felt amazing.

“We’ve made a nursery which is already packed with toys. We did that really early. We knew it was going to be a busy time of year with all the Christmas stuff to prepare.

“Everyone has been knitting frantically for us. We have loads of little cardigans. It has been lovely.

“A couple of people have bought her ‘My First Christmas’ things. We said if she came before Christmas Steven would nip out and get her a little Christmas outfit.

“It’s been really hard not to buy something but we didn’t want to jinx it.”
NTI_XMAS_BABY_03Factory worker Steven said: “It would be really nice if she does come on Christmas Day. I can’t wait.

“I was nervous at first but over the last three or four weeks I’m really excited to meet the baby now. I can’t wait for her to come out.

“We are surprised by the amount of people we don’t really know who have turned up with a little present for the baby. And these are people you don’t expect to get a present off at all, which has been really nice.”

Becky is booked into the maternity suite at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Alison Atkinson, head of midwifery at Nottingham University Hospitals, said: “On average around 25 to 30 babies are born in Nottingham’s hospitals every day, and Christmas Day is no exception.

“There is only a three per cent chance that a baby will be born on its due date, but we look forward to welcoming Becky’s new arrival and I’m sure that whenever ‘Baby Christmas’ is born they will be the best present ever for Becky and Steven.”

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