What Types Of Training Should You Invest In For Your Business

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Training should be about more than simply preparing your employees to do their job. The right kind of training can transform a workplace, positively impact your employees and make your work environment happier and safer as a result. There is a range of different types of training that you can provide for your employees, but you should first think about how it might benefit your organisation. If you want to offer your employees training, here are a few types of training that come highly recommended.

Customer Service Training

Customer service is something that you should make an integral part of your industry. Whether your employees talk to their customers or not, the principles of customer service should apply to every process of the operation. In fact, it may be equally as if not more important for your employees behind the scene to receive customer service training as the employees on the phones and on site interacting with people. This is because you need to make sure that all of your employees value the products and services that are given to the customer and realise how their actions influence customers’ experience. For example, an employee working in a warehouse is responsible for loading products to be delivered to customers. Without being aware of how their errors impact the entire operation, they may not care about a few scuff marks or dents on the box, but the customer most certainly will!

If you enrol your employees in a customer service course you can teach them about how everybody’s position in an organisation plays a role in customer service and as a result they will learn to value the job that they do and take a conscientious approach to quality controls.

Team Training

If your employees collaborate or work in close proximity, team training can help them to build valuable, professional relationships with their peers. You don’t necessarily have to go down the traditional route of trust falls and three legged races, but your team training strategies need to be full of positive energy and get everybody involved. You want to empower your teams to improve their problem solving, communication and decision making skills.

The best way to deliver this type of training is through regular workshops and when new employees join the organisation. You want to keep relationships strong and energise your employees, so be sure to keep training positive and invigorating.

Safety Training

While the extent of your safety training may depend on the type of industry you work in, everyone in your workforce should be provided with the very basics of safety training. When your employees first start on the job they should clearly be informed of evacuation plans, fire drills and basic emergency response procedures. In a more hazardous workplace like a construction site, your employees should be trained on how to use dangerous equipment, the appropriate safety gear and how to handle potentially dangerous substances and materials.

If you want to go a step further to improve your workforce, you can provide a medical training programme. Every organisation should have at least one member of staff at hand with basic medical training, however it can be rewarding for both you and your company if you were to allow employees to volunteer for more extensive training. This means that should any emergencies arise, you will have employees on site that are capable of resolving medical emergencies and dangerous situations.



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