WATCH : Pair Of Thugs Captured Beating Two Men Senseless In Horrific Street Attack

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Video grab of the attack in Colchester city centre in Essex by Zak Farmer and William Atkins

Video grab of the attack in Colchester city centre in Essex by Zak Farmer and William Atkins

A pair of violent thugs are captured beating two men senseless in this shocking video.

Zak Farmer and William Atkins attacked the pair when two rival groups met in Colchester city centre in Essex.

They have both since admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and will be sentenced next month.

One of the victims suffered a bleed on his brain during the attack.

The dashcam footage was captured by a passing taxi driver, who had been called to the area for a fare.

swns_attack_essex_02It shows the pair, both 20, knocking both men out before Farmer kicks and punches one of the victims while he lies unconscious and defenceless on the footpath.

The driver, who does not wish to be named, said: “It was brutal. As I arrived I immediately went to the chap who was knocked out first.

“I put him in the recovery position and when I knew he was comfortable, I went to the other guy and put him in the recovery position as well.

“Atkins actually came back and pretended he didn’t know what had happened.

“He was going off on one, saying: ‘What’s happened here? Who’s done this?’ as if he didn’t know.

“Then a friend came back and grabbed him and said: ‘We have got to go now’.”

He added: “By then the first guy was so limp, he had actually rolled out of the recovery position.”

He then claims to have unsuccessfully asked for help from security staff.

He added: “The funny thing was it was actually the Military Police and the ambulance who arrived on the scene.

“I suppose, it being the time of the day, Essex Police would have been really stretched.”

The driver then picked up a passenger and took them to a nearby address.

When he returned, he said one of the victims was still being treated by medics.

The taxi driver left all his details with Military Police officers but claims they were not passed onto their Essex Police counterparts.

Detectives were only made aware of his footage when he arrived at Colchester police station the next morning to make sure his details had been passed on.

Farmer, of Colchester, and Atkins, of Clacton, have been remanded into custody after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

They will be sentenced next month.

Farmer is in breach of two suspended sentences, for burglary and theft, while Atkins, is in breach of four suspended sentences, including for criminal damage, wounding and battery.

The incident took place in the early hours of September 11.

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