WATCH – Large Group Of Youths Swarming Busy Roads On Bikes As Part Of Dangerous New Craze

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This is the shocking moment over 40 cyclists swarmed around cars on a busy main road and screamed abuse at drivers as part of a dangerous new youth craze.

The group of yobs caused havoc by riding in the middle of the road at around 5mph – slowing down traffic and banging on car windows

One horrified driver recorded mobile footage of the incident, which happened on Chester Road in Pype Hayes, Birmingham, at around 5.45pm on Wednesday (16/8).

The 28-year-old beautician, who does not want to be named, provides deadpan commentary during the clips and says: “I bet your parents are proud.”

The 2.25 minute video shows the riders – on a mixture of BMXs and mountain bikes -head straight across a notoriously dangerous roundabout without looking.

The huge pack can be seen risking their lives by blocking off vehicles at slow speed, forcing drivers to swerve around them.

At one point, the mum-of-two is forced to lock her doors as the youths grab hold of her Vauxhall Astra and attempt to get in.

It’s believed that the cyclists were following in the ‘Bikestormz’ phenomenon, which sees bikers flood roads in large groups.

The Birmingham woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I was heading off to meet a client, when I pulled on to Chester Road and they were there.

“It must have been behind them for about 10 minutes before I decided to start filming.

“I phoned the police first, though, because I wanted to make them aware.

“At first my window was open, because it was a muggy day, and one them stuck their hand in.

“I shouted at them, saying that they would get themselves killed, and that I would call the police.

“They just responded by saying ‘we don’t give a f*** about the police’ and calling me a ‘stupid f***** b****’, which was nice.

“They must have seen the sticker for my car on my company, and started shouting ‘give us a haircut’, clearly thinking that they were being really funny.

“What worries me is that they were so young.

“They clearly didn’t know the laws of the road, or were just ignoring them.

wheel-idiots-sh-25773“When you pull out into junctions like that, you’re going to get hurt.

“Because they were riding so slowly, there was always a risk of impulsive drives accidentally knocking into them, or inexperienced drivers taking a wrong turn and hitting them.

“Obviously no one was going to harm them, but they didn’t help themselves by sticking their fingers up at cars.

“It’s very intimidating, though, then you’ve got such a massive group riding in front of you, especially for older drivers.

“My friends have also said that they’ve seen these big groups of cyclists milling around as well.

“If they keep doing this, they’re either going to be arrested or killed.”



“Just driving through Chester Road at the minute, got my phone on the windscreen on a holder.

“These are the kids that have been driving half a mile up the road in Chester Road in Birmingham, thinking they’re extremely clever.

“They’re banging on cars, they’re going really slowly.

“There’s some older ones there, so clearly they need to get a life.

“You’ve got some adults, I’d say 18, and then kids as young as about nine.

“There you go, they’re all pulling out on to a really busy, really dangerous island all driving down the middle.

“So clearly all these people’s parents should be super-duper proud of themselves.

“I’ve just phoned the police about these guys, because they have been banging on my car and swearing at me.

“Let’s make this go viral.

“Here they are, being really clever.

“Parents of these kids should be really proud.

“Let’s share it on Facebook shall we, see if we can get them made to go viral.

“Maybe we’ll find some of these people’s parents.

“Maybe some of them are parents – could you imagine?

“Police have phoned, so hopefully they should be on the way any minute now.

“So yeah, brilliant day.

“Oh, hear you go, you’ve got this guy – he’s dressed up as a Rasta, so he’s clearly hard because he’s got his face covered.

” Really cool guys, these lot.

“Clearly I’m not down with the kids, because this wasn’t cool in my day.

“They’re just banging on my car at the minute.

“He’s trying to open my car door, brilliant.

“He’s currently hanging on to my car door and riding along, brilliant.”

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