WATCH : DJ Who Built World’s Only Light-Triggering Drum Kit Goes Viral With 40 Million Hits

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A Brit DJ has gone has gone viral with a staggering 40 million internet users viewing his spectacular performances –

A Brit DJ has gone has gone viral with a staggering 40 million internet users viewing his spectacular performances –

A Brit DJ who performs spectacular performances on the world’s only light-triggering drum kit he built in his garden SHED has gone viral with 40 million hits.

Musician Michael Fish, aka DJ Afishal, shot to internet stardom after he uploaded videos of his mind-blowing gigs online.

So far more than 40 million people around the world have viewed and shared his dazzling one-man-band DJ set on social media.

The 29-year-old uses 20 acrylic tubular drums which, when struck, trigger lights and images which are beamed onto giant screens behind him.

Musician Michael Fish, aka DJ Afishal

Musician Michael Fish, aka DJ Afishal

Images and effects are controlled with each strike of the drum, called a ‘Tremor’, creating a unique effect for gig-goers.

Afishal, of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, said: “The overall effect of the music, graphics and lighting makes this show unique.

“It is highly visual and exciting, but it also plays upon the emotional response of the audience who come not just to see a real show, but experience it.”

Since his video went viral last year, Afishal has been booked to perform at venues in Las Vegas, China, Australia and Dubai.

And in the last month, his online videos have attracted 10 million more hits worldwide.

He built the unique drum kit with the help of childhood pal Will Cockayne, 29, in his garden shed.

Will, who runs Coventry-based Maxilux, decked the inside of the hollow drum tubes with more than 3,000 LED lights normally used to illuminate offices.

SWNS_DRUM_SHOW_26He said: “The effect of the lights in the drums means each LED acts as a pixel which illuminate when the drum is hit creating an image on the drums.

“Myself and Michael came up with the idea when he was living in a caravan on our farm. He wanted to create a unique drumming DJ rig and we just said to each other ‘let’s do it.’

“He hollowed out the drum shells in his garden shed and I lined them with around 3,000 LED lights which are designed to trigger when he hits them. The effect is incredible.

“We put some videos together and put them on YouTube and the response has been immense. He’s now being booked to perform at incredible venues all over the world.”

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