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If we’re completely honest, dating in today’s age is tricky enough; swipe left, swipe right, who sends the first message, dodging the friendzone and keeping the spark alive if you’ve been together a while… it’s all par the course, but it can be made a little bit easier if you can arrange some great dates and make some memories.

If your other half is a vaper, a sure-fire way to impress is by arranging something that means they can vape while you’re out and about. You’re showing a consideration towards your date’s interests, and that’s an effort that won’t go unnoticed.

Any activity that takes you outdoors is a guaranteed win. Primrose Hill has some of best skyline views in the city, and looks as equally scenic in high summer or on a clear, bracing winter day. Share a hot chocolate and vape away in peace as you get to know one another. Primrose Hill is also on the doorstep of London Zoo, so if things are going well you could suggest a segue to the tiger enclosure to get a glimpse of the new cubs.

If you prefer to stay indoors if the weather isn’t so appealing, there are lots of vape-friendly venues to head to with your date who will be happy for you to use your device. Bespoke Vape Bar in Fitzrovia even allows customer to mix their own e-liquid cocktails. You can tell a lot about someone by what they drink, so perhaps the same theory can be applied to their vape preferences! This is also a great option if you’re on a first date and prefer to stay sober- chill out with barista-style coffee instead of an alcoholic beverage. It’s easier to be yourself when you’re relaxed and comfortable, so the conversation will flow easier.

On the other hand, venue like Prohibition Vape have all the benefits of an ordinary bar, but have a strong, welcome armed approach to e-cigarettes, making them the perfect setting for a more traditional date with a drink or two included.vaping, e-cigarettes, dating a vaper, vape fr

If you know your dating a real vape aficionado, why not meet up at a vaping expo or event? If you’re single, this could also be a great way to meet that like-minded special someone. Vape Jam is back for a third year in April, and has plenty of attractions and entertainment to keep you both going. Vapefest and Vaper Expo are the other leading efforts in this area that are worth checking out if you’re looking for an e-cigarette-centric date idea.

Where’s your favourite vape-friendly date spot?

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