Unemployed teen takes to streets begging for a job

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An unemployed teenager is so desperate for work she has taken to the streets with a billboard begging: ”Please give me a job”.

Unemployed teen takes to streets begging for a job

Fed-up Claire Fear, 18, was forced to ditch her dreams of becoming a dietician because of university debts and is now trying for any type of employment.

The former health sciences student has applied for more than 80 jobs since finishing her college course in June – including 50 in just one day.

She has now resorted to walking the streets of her home town of Bridgwater, Somerset, holding a sign – pleading with employers to give her a chance.

Claire said: ”There are no jobs and no prospects in this town so I’m having to take matters in my own hands.

”I registered with an employment agency when I finished college, but I have only had a tiny bit of work since then. None of it is full time.

”I have applied for so many jobs.

”I did want to be a dietician, but I did not want to go to university – lots of people have told me it is not worth it because of the debts.

”I am desperate for work and I will do pretty much anything.”

Unemployed teen takes to streets begging for a job

Claire left Bridgwater College with a Level 3 BTEC in health sciences in June and has been searching for work ever since.

In one day alone she visited 50 shops in the town centre asking for a job – but none had any work.

Claire is baffled as to why she is repeatedly rejected but believes she is stuck in a ‘catch 22’ situation where she does not have sufficient experience for most jobs.

She now spends up to three hours a day walking the streets with her board.

Her mum originally suggested the idea of making a sandwich board asking for a job as a JOKE.

Unemployed teen takes to streets begging for a job

Claire said: ”My mum mentioned doing this as a joke a few weeks ago – I don’t think she thought I would take her seriously.

”I have had mostly positive responses from people – one person even pulled over and said he hoped things work out for me.

”But there have been no job offers.”

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