Tyres and wheels: What you need to know

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While many of us treat our cars, vans, trucks and bikes like Gods, washing them and cleaning them regularly to keep them in the best possible condition; others take them for granted and when it comes to having any repairs or modifications done there’s more of a “that’ll do” theory as opposed to an “only the best will do.”

The wheels are one of these areas that people don’t really think about. Without them, simply, the car won’t go anywhere and many are unaware as to how important they are and how there are different types of wheels and tyres ranging from American racing truck wheels to snow tyres and those created specifically for cold weather.

Over the years, manufacturers have attempted to use the latest research and development stats to build the best tyres for the market for all makes and models. This is certainly no easy task when you have to think about contrasting road surfaces, on and off-road vehicles, and the fact that flats do just happen without warning sometimes.

Car wheels and tyres are one of the parts that people often overlook

Car wheels and tyres are one of the parts that people often overlook

One solution was the “run flat”, a tyre that will continue to run even when punctured or without sufficient air, but they should only take you as far as the local garage so you can have it repaired or replaced, it certainly shouldn’t be driven on for hundreds of miles like some believe. “Well it’s a run flat,” they say, maybe the name needs a tweak but that is not the case.

The previously mentioned winter tyres are very good options to add to your vehicle when the weather starts to take a turn for the worse. In the cold conditions, grip can be reduced and you need rubber that is going to help to keep you going where you want to go, not where the surface takes you. The only problem here is that people are often under the assumption that a tyre is a tyre and it doesn’t matter which brand or type you put on your car.

To an extent, the brand is irrelevant but the big name manufacturers are renowned for their development work and have built up trust among a lot of drivers. The issue is around the type of winter tyres you put on your car because there is no “one size fits all”, you have to consider the right size and whether or not you’re actually going to need them – they still cost money! To find out which tyres are suitable for your car, van, truck or bike, check your owner’s manual to find out the sizes and specifications.

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