Trends Driving Unified Communications

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The Unified Communications market is growing at a huge rate and its revenue is due to hit $96 billion by 2023 from $34.8 billion in 2015. With rising demands projected to increase the revenue yearly it’s important to look at the trends that are driving the market.

Our behaviour and the way we work influences the way we look at and use technology, at home and in the workplace. There’s several trends that are currently influencing unified communications throughout the industry and those a like it.

Viju take a brief look into these trends and how they’re affecting unified communications and businesses outlook on the future.

The Workforce

With each generation comes a greater understanding of technology as they grow up from a young age with technology all around them.

As the older generation must adapt to changing technology and new devices being released every few years, it takes a while for them to get fully accustomed to the changes. Younger generations grow up with technology ingrained into their life, much more of them are technologically savvy compared to previous generations. Millennials constitute for a large section of the workforce and that’s driving forward a greater need for innovation in the workplace.

With the next generation slowly coming into the workforce, the need for every business to adapt and update their procedures or risk falling behind. If your systems and procedures aren’t up to date or looking to the future then your workforce will leave for a more technologically minded business.

Mobile Teams

With a greater ability to communicate freely between people across the globe with an ever increase number teams are becoming more mobile. Being able to travel across the country to visit clients, potential customers and other departments all while being free to share and communicate instantly is a huge advantage to a business. This flexibility is vital to a growing business and it won’t be slowing down.

With advancements in Unified Communications coming fast every year businesses should look to keep up or risk falling behind and becoming slow in a fast world. Workers must be able to do their work, share and communicate on any device on a variety of data networks. Being able to jump into a 50-person meeting at the press of a button all while being across the country. Keeping your workforce equipped with the latest tools to do their job efficiently and effectively should be at the forefront of your business.

Customer Experience

The customer experience as ever will drive unified communications forward at a huge rate. Such as with Microsoft’s recent update to the Surface Hub, a huge number of changes were brought in all from customer feedback over the years.

Unified Communication-enabled apps with massively improve the customer experience. Giving them the ability to instantly speak to the business via a click-to-call app for instance allows for a much greater experience than the alternative. With consumers are becoming greatly accustomed to convenience and will look for the functionality when choosing who to buy from.

These are just a few of the many trends driving Unified Communications forward at an exponential rate and will only increase in number as the industry grows.

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