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A classic story

West Side Story is a classic musical that made its debut in 1957 and is essentially an updated version of Romeo and Juliet.

The story is based on the west side of New York City and focuses on the struggle for power between two feuding street gangs, the Puerto-Rican Sharks and the Polish-American Jets.

The school gym is the setting for the meeting of doomed lovers, Tony (a Jet) and Maria (the sister of a Shark), a case of ‘love at first sight’.

A rumble is arranged between the two gangs, but out of love for Maria, Tony tries to stop it from happening, but doesn’t succeed and Tony’s best friend is killed by Maria’s brother, Bernardo, who is then killed by Tony out of anger.

Tony begs Maria for forgiveness, which she grant him. The couple decide to run away together, but before they can do so, a series of tragic events unfold…

West Side Story is now playing at the Bristol Hippodrome, so if you live in London and want to take the family to see this wonderful musical in Bristol, but you are unsure of the best way to travel, read on…

By Train

Direct trains from Paddington Station to Bristol Temple Mead arrive once every half an hour and the journey takes around one hour and 45 minutes. Tickets may be bought online or at the station, although the former is usually the cheapest option. That said, at the time of writing the cheapest available price online for two return tickets (if it’s just the two of you) is £101.20, whereas the cheapest price for two adults and two children is £151.80.

When arriving at Bristol Temple Mead, the Hippodrome is about 15 minutes walk from the station, although you may want to take a taxi, of which plenty can be found at the station, but these can be expensive.

By Car

The option preferable to this writer would be to travel by car, as it gives those travelling total independence and you don’t have to rely on anybody else. It can also be great fun to make a day of it and explore places of historical interest in Bristol prior to the performance.

Although, if spending the day in Bristol is not an option you don’t know the area it could be difficult to find a place to park that is both legal and within walking distance from the theatre.

That is where car Rental Company like Hertz could in very useful as cars are not only equipped with the company’s flagship NeverLost navigation equipment that will aid you in your quest to find a decent parking spot.

Similarly, a Hertz smartphone app is available that, using GPS, will help to find your rental car, in the event that you leave the theatre and are unable to remember where you left it. Not only does renting a car provide an unprecedented level of convenience, but is also significantly cheaper than catching a train, with costs starting from £58.96 for a four passenger car.


This is the least favourable option in the eyes of many theatre goers, who complain that buses and coaches provided by the likes of Megabus are often made less comfortable by overcrowding, noise and long journeys – in this case the journey will take around two-and-a-half hours.

Despite being famed (notorious?) for low prices, the £15 each way person works out more expensive than hiring a car.

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