Traffic wardens fine their council’s own gardening buggy as it parks up to collect leaves

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An overzealous traffic warden slapped a £70 parking ticket on a grass cutter – parked on a roadside verge.

Council maintenance worker David Bourner left the two-seater buggy on the High Street in Tenterden, Kent as he cleaned up leaves.

He was stunned when he returned to find a parking fine from Ashford Borough Council on the machine – despite it being parked off the road and on the verge.

A ticket on the gardening buggy which was at work collecting leaves

A ticket on the gardening buggy which was at work collecting leaves

Tenterden Town Council are now appealing against the fine and have written to Ashford Borough Council parking services manager John Burns.

Town clerk Hester Deackes yesterday said: “It was rather a shock. The buggy wasn’t even on the road.

“It was on the grass verge, but had crossed yellow lines to get there, which was deemed to have been the crime.

“David had temporarily left it to work elsewhere in the High Street and when he came back he found the ticket – he was pretty cross.”

Local businessman Guy Day, 42, who photographed the ticket on the machine, said: “What are the traffic wardens thinking about?

“They’re giving tickets to each other now. We’d be much better off without them.”

The buggy, used for maintenance work and gardening, is taxed and insured for road use.

The £70 fine will be reduced to £35 if it is paid within 14 days.

Ashford Borough Council said: “We can confirm a penalty charge notice was issued to the vehicle, as it appeared, following a period of observation, that a contravention had occurred.

“We have received a representation in relation to this which we will investigate.”

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