Tourist bosses hand out maps to visitors by using CONDOM machines

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Artists impression of a condom machine re-purposed to dispense maps

Artists impression of a condom machine re-purposed to dispense maps

Tourist bosses have come up with a novel way of giving out maps to visitors of their town  – using condom machines.

The contraceptive dispensers, usually seen in pubs and clubs, are set to be erected across car parks in Boston, Lincs., next to pay and display ticket machines.

But instead of selling condoms they will instead distribute 3D booklet maps of the town for £1 – in a bid to boost tourism.

They will handily inform visitors how to get to points of interest such as Boston Quay, the Pilgrim Fathers Memorial and The Stump – proudly branded “the largest parish Church in Lincolnshire.”

But residents across the small town – which has a population of 58,000 – have been left baffled by the plans.

They claim there aren’t enough tourist attractions in Boston to justify selling maps and fear they would be made a “laughing stock” if condom machines start turning up in public car parks.

Harry McGrath, 49, who has lived in the town all of his life, said: “We aren’t exactly a huge town brimming with endless things to do.

“We’ve got a park, some shops and a church – we’re just a typical little town and we don’t exactly get many visitors coming in anyway.

“It’s a very strange proposal – and it will be even stranger if condom machines start popping up in car parks.

“Although people might then come visit the town – if not to just to point and laugh at us.”

Father-of-one Edward Teale. 33, added: “I can’t see how the council can justify spending money on this. It’s a bizarre idea.

“The town isn’t big enough to even need a map – you can walk around it in 10 minutes.”

Boston’s Business Improvement District are to meet with with the town council later this month in a bid to finalise to plans.

BID manager Niall Armstrong, said: “We did look at trying to source a machine, but there isn’t one that would deliver the booklet type map.

“It has been suggested to me a condom machine might work.

“These little booklets are about the same size as pack of those.

“I haven’t yet looked into the cost but it’s something we are looking to take forward.”

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