Top Gear fanatic builds world’s fastest shopping trolley

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A madcap car nut inspired by Top Gear has created the world’s fastest shopping trolley – powered by a 290bhp engine.

Cal VanSant spent two years and £10,000 building the 9ft tall ‘Shopper Chopper’ from scratch.

It can seat six people and is powered by a 5.8 litre V8 Chevrolet engine normally used in muscle cars.

The 9ft high shopping trolley seats four, and has an impressive set of wheels.

Cal built the trolley as a stunt for his son-in-law Brent Musser’s grocery store but they now fire it out for promotional events.

The top speed has not yet been tested but cars powered by the same engine have a top speed of around 130mph.

Cal, 49, of Lancaster in Pennsylvania, USA, now hopes to set a new shopping trolley world speed record.

The Shopper Chopper dwarfs the truck that has to tow it, as the trolley has not been declared street legal.

He said: “Some of my inspiration actually came from the BBC show Top Gear.

“I am always amazed at the contraptions the witty hosts create for their challenges.

“My son-in-law’s family owns a local grocery store and each year they do something a little goofy for our local fair parade.

“One year they drove mini-bikes in formation, the next year mini-four-wheelers.

“Two years ago they were looking for something new and different for the next parade and they came up with the giant cart idea.

“They brought the idea to me since I had some engineering background and I quickly convinced them to go the hot rod route.

“It took two years and more money than we ever planned, but the result is a blast to drive and certainly get attention.”

The 5.8 litre engine was produced for the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and the suspension comes from a top-of-the-range US police cruiser.

Cal spent a lot of time and effort installing little touches that really make the cart special, including street racer-style neon floor lights.

It is currently undergoing tests to see if it can be legally driven on the roads. Cal said: “I’ve never dared max it out, but hopefully someone brave or mad enough will.”

He added: “This is a one-of-a-kind.

“Our wives would not be happy if we built more, but we may make smaller grocery-related vehicles for parades in the future.”

The cart can be hired for events from

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