Top new computer game Ace of Spades gets half a million players – BEFORE it was released

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Legendary rocker Lemmy has lent his most famous song a smash hit computer game – called ACE OF SPADES.

The Motorhead rockstar’s iconic song Ace of Spades features in  the exciting trailer of the new game, which gathered more than half a million players BEFORE it was officially released.

Ace of Spades, by the British game studio behind the most popular online game ever, Runescape, went live at 8pm on Wednesday, but has already been swamped by players eager to take part in the next generation game.

Ace of Spades had more than half a million players sign up to play, before it was officially released

An insider at the company said: “We reckon Lemmy would love it – he’s well known for living life in the fast lane, and Ace of Spades is action-packed.”

The online game, named after the hit Motorhead song, is a team-based online shooter, where up to 32 players pick different classes of soldier in their bid to take down the enemy.

The blocky graphics and fully-destructible environment make for seriously impressive gaming

Game producer Arash Amini said: “Reaching half a million registrations in such a short period of time is incredible and a real testament to both the quality of the game we have produced and the commitment and loyalty of the Ace of Spades community.

“The game has achieved unprecedented levels of popularity and it is great to see so many players pre-register so quickly.

“We are all go for tomorrow and are confident that the game will be a massive hit this Christmas.”

Featuring a destructible environment, and an open-source scenario editor, players can create, share and destroy their own maps.

Players can even construct their own gun or defences while on the run from enemy fire.

Huge player-created or randomly generated maps give Ace of Spades longevity and keep the action exciting

The first-person shooter looks set to be an alternative thrill to fans of Call of Duty and Minecraft, without the need of a pricey console.

Heavily pixelated graphics is a far cry from high definition gaming, but by focusing more on gameplay than imagery, Ace of Spades promises to be a fun-filled romp for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

The game, by Cambridge-based developer Jagex, will be available to download from for just £6.99.

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