Thug found guilty of animal cruelty after throwing his puppy from third floor window and trying to blame it on samurai sword robbers

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A heartless thug threw a nine-week-old puppy out of a third floor window and tried to blame it on a masked gang armed with samurai swords, a court heard.

Evil Wayne Keightley, 42, was drunk and high on cocaine when he smashed the window of his flat before lobbing the pooch 20ft (6m) to the ground.

The cruel yob then threw himself out of the property in Melton Mowbray, Leics., minutes later, breaking his ankle.

Loughborough Magistrates Court heard the dog named Gipsy, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was left distressed and suffered leg and face injuries as a result of the fall.

On Wednesday (14/9) Keightley was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by JPs.

Chair of the bench, Carys Siemieniuch, told Keightley: “The evidence you gave was so riddled with inconsistencies and contradictions we can’t accept your version of events.

“You, Mr Keightley, did throw the dog out of the window and our verdict is guilty.”

The court heard he told medics he had taken a line of cocaine “a couple of hours” before the incident on January 20 and had also drunk three cans of lager.

Gipsy the dog, who was thrown out of a third floor window

Gipsy the dog, who was thrown out of a third floor window

The puppy, named after the nickname of Keightley’s father who died of throat cancer shortly before the pet was born, was taken to a vet after being found on the ground at around 5pm but survived the ordeal.

Keightley was later interviewed by RSPCA inspector Andy Bostock while he recovered in Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

During the interview he claimed eight men had burst in to his flat and attacked him after he had been drinking.

Keightley told the inspector during the interview, which was read to the court: “There was a clatter in the hallway and these lads came running in. Gipsy was scared.

“These lads started stabbing me in the hand and arms – they were prodding me with samurai swords.

“I picked up a vase and put it through the window. This is when they stabbed me in the

“I was holding Gipsy and she went out the window.”

The boarded up window where Gipsy the dog was thrown out of

The boarded up window where Gipsy the dog was thrown out of

He told the court during the one-day trial that he was not drunk or high during the incident but simply had no recollection about how he had fallen out of the window.

Keightley said he had smashed the window by throwing a vase through it to attract attention while he was being attacked.

He claimed Gipsy then jumped out of the window.

He told the court: “I would never on my worst day throw a dog out the window.

“I was not taking drugs, I was not drunk.”

But PC Natasha Hassell, who was first on the scene at 5.40pm said Keightley had confessed to a paramedic that he had taken cocaine and drunk lager.


The Leicestershire Police officer said she found Keightley crawling away from the flat after jumping out of the window.

She added: “He was in a considerable amount of pain.

“He told me he had jumped out of the window. He seemed agitated and confused, adamant there were people in his flat.

“His pupils were massive. I got the impression there was some sort of drugs involved.”

She added that he was “rambling” about non-existent men in a nearby parked car and men standing on the roof of the block of flats.

Keightley is due to be sentenced at Leicester Magistrates’ Court on September 28.

Gipsy remains in the temporary care of the RSPCA and is being looked after by a foster carer in Leicester.

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