Thousands of homes hit by power blackout as squirrel explodes electricity pylon

April 23, 2010 | by | 0 Comments

Thousands of homeowners were left shell-shocked by a power cut after a squirrel climbed an electric pylon – thinking it was a TREE.

A total of 3,917 homes across TWO counties lost power for two hours after the nutty animal caused a transformer to explode.

Technicians believe the squirrel scampered up the pylon the transformer was attached to thinking it was a tree and was electrocuted.

An explosion tripped the entire network supplying Studley, Warks., and Redditch, Worcs., just before 7.30am on Wednesday.

A spokesman for electricity supplier E.ON, who are responsible for the transformer, said a squirrel caused the black-out.

He said: ”There was animal interference to a wall-mounted transformer box near an electricity substation in Eden Close, Studley, at approximately 7.28am.

”We believe a squirrel was responsible for the damage which had caused an explosion, tripping the system.

”Squirrels often mistake the pylons these transformers are attached to for trees.”

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