Things You Can’t Forget to Bring for a Trip to the Beach

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A trip to the beach is supposed to be a blissful and relaxing break away from it all, and often in our excitement to plan that much awaited trip, we forget to pack certain essentials. These are the things that we all know we need and still somehow end up forgetting a few of them for some strange reason. In order to make sure that you don’t make such packing mistakes which could end up marring the quality of your experience at the beach, we have listed the following must have essentials.


You need sunscreen, there’s just no way around it. It has been proven that under the current solar conditions on our planet, just a few bad sunburns in our entire lifetime are enough to increase the chances of developing melanoma by more than 60%! Apart from sunburn and the chance of developing cancer, overexposure to the sun will also lead to premature aging as you will develop wrinkles, crow’s feet and well… more wrinkles! So, do not forget to bring your sunscreen! Be sure to try a few products in advance so that you know what works best for your skin, and what SPF factor you need.  This is especially important where children are concerned.


Don’t forget to pack that special bikini to show off the summer body you have been working for since the winter; if you forget to bring it, you will feel heartbroken because quite frankly, where else are you going to wear it anyway? If you’re planning a family trip with your children, you don’t want your little girl to feel left out either, so buy some cute looking girls swimwear and pack that for the trip as well. You should also bring along a beach dress, a handy piece of clothing that will help you to cover yourself up whenever you need to. It could be that the sun is too hot or maybe you just need a quick change of swimwear; whatever the situation is, the beach dress will serve you well.


Preferably, you should visit the beach when it’s not particularly hot, but even then, dehydration is not uncommon. You should always bring ample bottles of water to the beach, especially if you are traveling with children. Don’t be shy in trying coconut water either because it’s one of the healthiest and fastest natural rehydrating drinks known to man. Besides, coconut water is also an excellent cure for the hangover you probably have from last night’s beach party.


We wear shades (or sunglasses as many like to call them) because we cannot apply sunscreen to our eyes! Our eyes need protection from the harmful UV rays too, and if it’s hot enough, the sun will give you wrinkles around your eyes faster than you may imagine. Also, being on a beach without your favorite shades on is the most “uncool” thing ever. There are plenty of brands and shade styles to choose from as well, so you’re sure to be able to find a pair that suit your face and the look you’re aiming for.


When you are lying on a beautiful beach with your shades and biking on, an awesome playlist to get you into the mood and fully relax you is a must have. Bringing your own music also ensures that you don’t have to listen to anyone else’s tunes while trying to relax. In fact, the importance of bringing the playlist goes even beyond the beach. You should always bring your favorite music with you while on any vacation; just make sure that you have an entire dedicated playlist which suits the theme of your destination.  Alternatively, download a few podcasts or audio stories to listen to.

As long as you bring the five things mentioned on this list, your bases are covered on any beach in the entire world, but it isn’t really an exhaustive list by any means. Depending on who you are and where you are going, it might also be a good idea to bring some snorkeling gear or a surfboard with you. For the purposes of safety, having a first aid box handy could be useful too, especially if you have children running around. At the end of the day, it’s you and your family who are going to be the ones on the trip, so feel free to customize and supplement this list as necessary.

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