The social NIGHTWORK for meeting in the evening that only works after 6PM

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A new social network allows users to see what they’re friends are up to at night – by only operating after 6PM.

Rally – dubbed the world’s first social nightwork – users red and green lights to show which pals are available to meet up.

It lets users form groups with those friends to plan, take photos only after 6 pm, and generates a path of everywhere the user went the previous night.

Statuses reset daily to ensure that they are always in the present. In addition, the groups reset the next morning to ensure users do not become part of multiple endless group chats.

Founder Alex Ratner said: ‘ With Rally, friends don’t have to text or message large groups of friends anymore because they can find out who is available tonight easier than ever with just a glance.

‘This takes the guessing game out of who is available and providing the only platform friends need to make the most of the night.

“This is going to change the way people go out. It’s such a fragmented time of day with friends using multiple apps to accomplish seemingly simple tasks like finding out who is available tonight.

‘Group apps are not reliable mediums anymore because friends are often a part of so many groups it becomes difficult to manage. Rally will be the simple solution to the complex problem that is figuring out your night.’

Rally is also changing the way friends share locations. Now, the user can give context to the current location by attaching a note to a map to say if it is worth meeting up at or how long that user plans to be there. Again, stopping friends from texting back and forth to find out where each other are.

Co-founded Tyler Costantino added: ‘Rally is addressing an incredible need in an enormous market. “What are you doing tonight?” or “Where are you?” are questions constantly asked by college students and young adults yet have no easy and reliable way to get an answer.

‘Texting is tedious and sending the same message to multiple people is annoying, traditional group chats such as GroupMe lack focus.

‘People end up being in multiple groups with various people who aren’t relevant to their current night out. Rally’s solution is an all in one social app dedicated entirely to nightlife.’


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