Techno-Thriller book Twilight Visitor depicts a startling global scenario

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Twilight Visitor, just published through British publishing house, Netherworld Books, by international author Real Laplaine, exposes the all-too-real and shocking reality of a nuclear confrontation between China and Iran over oil.

With over 20,000 nuclear warheads still in existence today, Twilight Visitor depicts an intensely plausible global scenario. An adrenaline-pumping thriller which raises many questions about environmental energy issues, nuclear stockpiling, and which seamlessly introduces an alien intervention, a beautiful woman, an off-worlder, who comes to earth to try and save it.

Twilight Visitor poses many philosophical questions about the future of mankind.

An intuitive, thrilling and action-packed novel. said: ‘The story races along with pace of a Tom Clancy thriller…’

Novelist David Luddington said: ‘A’high concept thriller that is comparable with the best of Dan Brown or Jack Higgins.’

Contra-Odess author Alex Markman said: The Twilight Visitor is an international thriller, with a complicated, intense plot and colourful characters. Its elegant prose, rich with original metaphors and succinct descriptions, creates an illusion of dazzling sceneries, almost palpable components of reality, and suspense, deftly mixed with philosophical and political dilemmas of contemporary life. The excitement of reading it ends only on the last page.’

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