Teacher at grammar school romped with schoolgirl, 17, after buying her nightie and maid’s outfit

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A teacher at a posh girls grammar school was banned from the classroom for life for romping with a 17-year-old pupil and buying her a skimpy red satin nightie.

Paul Brayford, 43, bombared the girl, known as ‘Student A’, with saucy texts including one begging her to wear a naughty maid’s outfit for him.

On one occasion he pressed himself against her at school and took her to a lay-by in his car for an intimate chat.

Brayford also sent a stream of “highly sexualised” text messages to the girl and repeatedly pestered her for sex.

After persuading her to stay at his house he bought her a red satin nightie before plying her with wine and getting her into bed.

During a school trip to London, the pair managed to sneak away and have a coffee before rejoining the other pupils.

Brayford met the girl while working as a history teacher at the prestigious Stratford Grammar School for Girls in Shottery, Warks., between 2010 and 2011.

In one text message, Brayford told the girl he wanted to “devour her hot body” and in another said he “loved” her.

In one text Brayford wrote: “You are an incredible young lady.

“I still love you so much and being with you has been so fantastic.”

Brayford said in another text: “Any of the outfits you’d wear for me if you’d like to.

“If you want to wear your maid’s outfit for me you can, open offer any time.

“Imagine what it would be like if we were in that bed right now”.

The Teaching Agency found Brayford guilty of “highly inappropriate and unprofessional” conduct.

The panel heard Brayford, who did not attend the hearing, denied having sex with the girl but admitted she stayed at his home overnight.

Brayford was arrested after the girl confided to a friend about their relationship who called the police.

During a police interview in May 2011, he claimed he had met the girl out of school hours to give her support and personal advice as she was unhappy at home and suicidal.

The girl, who did not want to press charges because she was going to university, admitted she had kissed Brayford on a number of occasions.

Following the interview, police compiled a record of “intimate, emotional and highly personal” text messages sent between them.

Brayford was slapped with a life-time teaching ban after the panel ruled he had “engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a pupil.”

The panel said: “We are clear that a number of Mr Brayford’s text messages with Student A are communications which are intimate, emotional and highly personal.

“He has dispute that he acted with sexual intent and consistently state that his comments were generalized, were intended to support the student and were banterous.

“Having listened to his evidence carefully, we did not find his answers to a number of the questions to be reasonable, credible or convincing.”

The panel described the text messages between the pair as “sexually euphemistic and highly sexualised”.

The panel added: “The evidence proves that he was motivated by a desire to have a sexual relationship with Student A.”

They dismissed his claim that his use of the term “sleeping together” related to his insomnia and not sex as “preposterous.”

Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove said in his ruling: “Paul Brayford has behaved in a way that shows a blatant disregard for the clear expectation that teachers must maintain appropriate professional boundaries.

“In addition he has engaged in a serious and sustained abuse of the position of trust in which he was placed.”

In judgment the disciplinary panel added:
“His behaviour also led to the student staying overnight at his house and drinking alcohol with him.

“Teachers are expected to have regard for the need to safeguard students’ wellbeing and to treat students with dignity.”

Brayford, from Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks., cannot apply to have his ban lifted in the future but he can appeal against the ban within 28 days.

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