SWNS to launch TV station after winning Government licence for local channel

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SWNS.com is to launch a TV station after winning a Government licence to broadcast on Freeview channel 8.

Made in Bristol will broadcast to 330,000 households in Bristol, England, and will be on air by next summer.

The city is one of 21 across Britain to get their own station in the biggest shake-up of British television since the advent of satellite TV.

SWNS will launch a local TV station after winning a Government licence

SWNS will launch a local TV station after winning a Government licence

Made in Bristol is a collaboration between South West News Service (SWNS) and Made Television Ltd , which is applying for 11 licences across the country.

SWNS is based in Bristol but has offices covering the news all over the UK including Birmingham, Cambridge and Glasgow.

The station will broadcast 24 hours a day and will feature local news, entertainment, information and lifestyle programming.

It will launch with a host of new programmes dedicated to Bristol, concentrating on the city itself and not the region as the current TV landscape allows.

Made in Bristol director Martin Winter said: “Local TV will allow all aspects of life in Bristol to be showcased and provide a massive commercial boost to local businesses looking to engage with the local community.

“Local businesses deserve to have local TV as their chance to advertise and compete with national brands.

“We want to be as inclusive as possible and strengthen the local media in Bristol. It is our intention to embrace and co-operate wherever we can.”

The station will feature hourly news bulletins, a 30-minute evening news programme and a daily magazine show with local features and debates.

There are also plans for a wide range of programming featuring everything from sport and property to restaurants and local hospitals.

Mr Winter, who is a director and news editor at SWNS, added: “Made in Bristol will be a celebration of Bristol and its people.

“It will allow all aspects of Bristol life to be showcased and provide a platform for local businesses and organisations to engage with the local community.

“We also want Made in Bristol to become the place where local people can air and debate the issues that affect their everyday lives.”

Made Television has been working on its plans for three years and has raised an initial #15million in investment funding across multiple cities.

Chief Executive Jamie Conway said “It’s amazing, considering Bristol is such a media hub, that local TV hasn’t happened already.

“The team we’re working with in Bristol are absolutely brilliant and we’re really looking forward to working with Ofcom in the coming months to finalise launch dates.

“Local TV will take time to grow but the founders, partners and investors are all strong believers that this is a missing part of the media landscape in the UK.”

Ofcom received a total of 57 bids for the 21 licences. Cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester have seen fierce competition and the winners are yet to be decided.

SWNS is also partnered with Made Television in Birmingham – so watch this space for more updates.

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