Spotty Dartmoor pony looks like a dalmatian

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Ramblers are going dotty for this rare pony which looks like a Dalmatian dog -because it is covered in large SPOTS.

The cute animal – nicknamed Spotty – has white fur and is covered in hundreds of dark polka dots despite his mother being all brown.

Walkers say the foal looks like a cross between a Dalmatian and a zebra after it was spotted on cliff tops at Wembury Point in Devon.

The land is owned by the National Trust and the week-old pony was born to a mother who normally grazes wild on nearby Dartmoor.

Local warden Lorna Sheriff said: ”On Easter Monday an amazing foal with white fur and black spots was born on the cliff.

”We’ve nicknamed him Spotty. He looks just like a large Dalmatian. It’s very unusual to see a pony with his colourings.

”Most of the Dartmoor ponies we have out grazing are a lovely chocolate brown or cream colour.

”He’ll be going back to Dartmoor in Friday to join the rest of the herd until he is a little older to come back and graze here.”

The foal was born last week but his owners say his real name is Pongo and is from a spotted breed called Appaloosa.

His mother is a Dartmoor pony but his father is an Appaloosa – a breed of horse originally used by American Indians for farming.

Dartmoor ponies roam free on the moor but are moved to Wembury Point to help manage the landscape by keeping scrub down and allowing native wild plants and flowers to thrive.

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