It will make your skin crawl! Butchers sells ‘human’ flesh to shoppers

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A butcher’s market stall is a real body shop – by claiming to sell human flesh.

The stall is offering ‘human’ body parts, including hands, legs, buttocks, arms and even penises.

It sells a variety of meat-based goods such as ‘Peppered Human & Lemon Sausages’ and ‘J’avo Caught Human Thigh Steaks’.

Some of the grim offerings for sale at the pop-up stall

The stall at London’s Smithfields market has been set-up by company Wesker & Son, who claim to have been providing “Fine meats since 1966”.

But the macabre market stall has in fact been opened to promote new zombie computer game Resident Evil 6.

Fans were invited to purchase the ‘delicacies’ – which were actually made from various cuts of pork.

Food artist Sharon Baker created the limbs, including a hand made from sausages and parma ham, and an entire body made from bacon and sausage meat.

The Wesker & Son stall as viewed from the front

Amazingly, all the creations are 100 per cent edible.

Sharon said: “My friends and family have been completely grossed out while my kitchen has been filled with various meat hands, feet and faces, and now the full body – I have to say it doesn’t bother me at all.”

The latest instalment of the iconic zombie horror game made by Capcom went on sale this week.

A butcher pushes a ‘body’ around the blood-stained fridge

The game is set in a world where the fictional C-Virus reanimates corpses.

Spokesman Adam Merrett stated: “We, at Capcom, are thrilled to be bringing Wesker & Son’s to Smithfields.

“If the C-Virus was to become a reality, there would be no hope left in the world, and so we want to create the scare and tension that fans and new players will experience in Resident Evil 6 into the real world.”

All proceeds from sales at the market stall were donated to the Limbless Association.

‘Human’ carcasses hang in the meat locker waiting to be carved-up by the expert butchers

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