Shocking Moment Woman ‘Deliberately’ Drives Stolen Car Into A Man After Street Fight

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A young mum is facing jail for this shocking attack when she deliberately mowed down a man and reversed over his legs in a savage street fight.

Estelle Lashley, 26, drove three men armed with rounders bats to a confrontation with another group, screeching to a halt in a white VW Polo.

The men jumped out and started brawling and Lashley reversed backwards as the fight spilled down the street.

Estelle Lashley (Hull Daily Mail / SWNS)

Estelle Lashley (Hull Daily Mail / SWNS)

She disappeared from the CCTV camera before accelerating back and hitting one man standing on the pavement, sending him flying over her windscreen.

As he lies in agony on the ground Lashley throws her car into reverse and drives back over his legs, crushing him beneath her wheels.

One man leaps back into the car with her before she speeds away from the violence in Hull, East Yorks.

Claire Holmes, prosecuting, told Hull Crown Court: “She deliberately drove a vehicle at [the victim], who was standing on the pavement.

“He jumped on the bonnet of the car, which was the only evasive action open to him. He then fell to the floor, and when she reversed, she reversed over his legs.”

David Godfrey, mitigating, said: “She’s worked hard her whole life. How she got herself in this position – well, she’s at a loss to explain how it happened.

“She fully accepts its significance and she’s extremely remorseful. It was an absolute moment of madness.

“There is some context. She has had a difficult life, especially when it comes to relationships.”

CCTV of the moment Estelle Lashley drove over a man in a street fight (Hull Daily Mail / SWNS)

CCTV of the moment Estelle Lashley drove over a man in a street fight (Hull Daily Mail / SWNS)

Lashley, a mum-of-one from Hull, East Yorks., denied attempted murder but admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent, aggravated vehicle taking, and driving without insurance.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, told her: “You have pleaded guilty to a very serious crime indeed.

“It is one that carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment; that is the measure of how serious this crime is.

“I have seen the DVD footage. I expressly state to you that I keep all sentencing options open, but of the highest likelihood is that you will be going to prison, and the only issue for me to decide is how long that should be.

“This calls for a substantial prison sentence, but I am going to listen with great care to the mitigation advanced, and I am going to read the pre-sentence report.

“The sentence is likely to be of some substance.”

Lashley will be sentenced in September.

The scene in Coltman street (Hull Daily Mail / SWNS)

The scene in Coltman street (Hull Daily Mail / SWNS)

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