Shocking Dashcam Footage Captures Yobs Racing Horses And Carts On Busy Dual Carriageway

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A man has been captured on camera riding a horse in the fast lane of a dual carriageway.

A man has been captured on camera riding a horse in the fast lane of a dual carriageway.

This is the shocking moment two yobs were caught on camera racing horses and carts along a busy dual carriageway.

Mark Johnson, 54, filmed the illegal contest on his dashcam after he was forced to slow down when the riders pulled onto the A46 in Leicestershire.

The footage shows one of the horses attached to a two-wheeled cart – called a sulky – with a man in the seat careering down the fast lane of the northbound carriageway.

A large horse trailer which is being pulled by a car can also be seen behind the racers in the 43-second clip which was filmed at 9am on Sunday (5/3).

The yobs pulled onto the A46 in front of him at the Six Hills junction and raced downhill at speeds of 33mph for over a mile until the turning for Wymeswold.

SWNS_HORSE_TRAP_03Mr Johnson, a farrier from Leicester, said it “would have been carnage” if the horses had tripped because there were four vehicles travelling closely behind them.

He added: “People with the two horses harnessed up swung on to the A46. They carried on to the Wymeswold and Asfordby turn-off.

“They were blocking both lanes of traffic and going flat out. It was as fast as a horse is capable of going.

“Both horses had a driver sat on the seat with the reins.

“The extensive pounding on the tarmac with no form of cushioning on their feet means the impact on the horse is massive.

“The damage that is possible is phenomenal.

“One horse ended up behind the other because one had taken the lead.

“I was following the one furthest back but for a good long stretch they were side by side.

“We were travelling at 33mph between the two points. There were at least a dozen cars built up behind.

“Harness racing is recognised but it is carried out on a track, while these guys are blasting down the dual carriageway.

“It is past ignorance. It is so needless.”

Kirsty Lee, from the British Harness Racing Club, said she would investigate if the people in the footage were their licensees.

She added: “Road racing is illegal and it is completely against our rules too.

“Horses can trip, it is dangerous, you are on a public highway.

“It is disruptive to public life. We want to discourage this and encourage people to do it properly.

“This is completely against our rules. Unfortunately there are some people that do it.

“If it’s one of our license holders it is a £3,000 fine and for at least three years they cannot attend any of our races.”

Leicestershire Police also confirmed the force were investigating the shocking clip.

A spokeswoman said: “We were called at 9.06am on Sunday.

“The caller reported horses with carts travelling down the A46.

“We are investigating, inquiries are ongoing.”

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