Sex education teacher gives schoolgirl herpes

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A Sex Education teacher who bedded a 15-year-old schoolgirl was today found guilty of having sex with a child.

Dirty David Robinson, 41, romped with the pretty teenager when she collapsed drunk in his bathroom after a party at his house.

He persuaded her to embark on a steamy three-year relationship having sex with her up to FOUR hours a night while she studied her GCSEs and A-levels.

But the teenager, who is now 19, reported the relationship to police when it ended in August last year.

A jury of four men and eight women deliberated for five hours before returning with majority guilty verdicts on five counts of sexual activity with a child at Hereford Crown Court.

Robinson was found not guilty on one count of sexual activity with a child because the jury could not agree on the time he had sex with the girl.

Judge Pearce Higgins said: ”The jury have found Mr Robinson guilty of the counts.

”The fact that there was a not guilty verdict on count one is of no significance. This merely means that his seduction of the victim occurred after midnight.

”There is no doubt that the defendant’s behaviour has caused great harm to the victim.

”The events have caused a considerable setback to her and her development as a woman.

”She has shown great strength in coming to court. She’s not the only victim.

”Her mother had to watch as her daughter moved away from her. The pain she felt was almost palpable.”

Earlier the court heard how the divorced dad-of-two groomed the youngster while they played badminton together at posh Chase School in Malvern, Worcs.

She tearfully told the court how he had slapped her on the bottom and told her she was ”beautiful” just feet away from other teachers and pupils.

Robinson bought the girl and her pals booze at the nearby Cross Keys pub before he invited them back to his house on November 25, 2006.

Stunned school pals thought the besotted girl was on drugs because she was so tired from their all night romps.

The teenager moved in with Robinson when she was 16 and he lavished her with booze and gifts including a holiday to Spain and camping in Wales.

They had matching tattoos on their arms of a barcode with the numbers 25 11 06 – the date of their first romp when the girl was 15

Other numbers on the tattoo included 3 24 7 365 which was code for ”I love you 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year” when they chatted together on MSN.

But Robinson, who earned £45,000 a year teaching Social Sciences and Sex Education, infected the girl with herpes in March 2007.

She later feared that he would force her into prostitution when he said that he wanted to start an escort agency.

But eventually the girl plucked up the courage and dumped Robinson before reporting him to the police.

She told the court Robinson at first refused to take no for an answer and bombarded her with up to 15 text messages a day begging her to take him back.

She said: ”David Robinson manipulated and controlled me. He used me for sex.

”It was totally inappropriate for somebody in his position to take advantage of a 15-year-old girl.

”He constantly wanted sex. He always used sexual innuendo and touched me.

”All he thought about was sex. He used to talk about having threesomes with other girls but that never happened.

”I arrived at his David Robinson’s house at about one in the morning. We had lots of sex. I would fall asleep for an hour then sneak home.”

Robinson claimed that his relationship with the girl was platonic and that they had sex when she was 16.

The victim refused to comment as she left court.

Robinson was released on bail and he will be sentenced at Hereford Crown Court in September.

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