School’s Out-rageous! – Viral Video Shows Primary School Staff “Channelling Their Inner Child”

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This hilarious video shows staff "channelling their inner child" that left pupils "howling with laughter" at an end of year assembly.

This hilarious video shows staff “channelling their inner child” that left pupils “howling with laughter” at an end of year assembly.

This hilarious video shows staff from a primary school “channeling their inner child” as they get into the mood for the long summer holidays.

The footage shows a number of teachers wheeling themselves down a corridor on chairs in fits of laughter and excitement with one member of staff actually falling off during the ride.

The video then shows teachers playing with various children’s equipment, dressing up and climbing trees.

Headteacher Dave McPartlin, 38, organised the video as a celebration for the end of term and to coincide with a music and arts week at the school.



Mr McPartlin said: “We had an assembly on Friday at the end of an arts week where the children performed in a Britain’s Got Talent style show.

“At the end of the show, we said ‘we have a surprise for you too’ and played the video of us around school.

“The children absolutely loved it, they were howling with laughter.

“The reaction has been 100% positive from both parents and pupils.

“Our motto is to work hard, play hard and be kind and I think this video shows that perfectly.”


SWNS_HAPPY_TEACHERS_16The school have a very active social media channel thanks to their headteacher, who said that their videos are like a “virtual invite to parents”.

Mr McPartlin, who has been headteacher at Flakefeet Primary School in Fleetwood, Lancs., for 15 months, added:

“It was great fun bringing the staff together to make the video.

“We have just had a positive end of term report and the staff work incredibly hard.

“People have reputation of teachers in cardigans but that isn’t the reality at all, our staff become teachers because they love working with children and enjoy having fun.”

The video has gone viral on social media, with over one million views on the school’s own page.

Mr McPartlin can’t believe the reaction that it has received.

SWNS_HAPPY_TEACHERS_20He added: “I hope the video shows the kind of school that we are and the human side of teaching.

“I would want children to go to a school where the staff are grounded and down to earth and I think the video shows that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

“I wanted to show what an amazing school this is and I think this silly minute encapsulates that perfectly.”

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