Power back up firm offers fixed-term repayments for standby generators

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An energy back-up firm has made protection against the faltering national grid even easier by offering payments over a fixed term.

EcoPowerSupplies provides generators and power systems to keep businesses running if there is a power cut.

They’ve now launched Critical Power as a Service (C-PaaS) which allowers users spread the cost of power protection investments including UPS systems and standby power generators fixed term.

Optional maintenance costs, future battery replacements and system upgrades can also be included, in addition to any initial project and electrical installation works.

EcoPowerSupplies founder Robin Koffler said: ‘We launched critical power as a service to match how clients are financing their software applications. Many now use the
SaaS model renting ‘Software as a Service’. We believe the same can be applied to critical power.

‘Clients are impressed with the flexibility of C-PaaS on their budgets and power protection strategy.’

For an 80kVA uninterruptible power supply and matching standby power generator, Critical Power as a Service can cost as little as £400 per month over a five year term.
At the end of the fixed term, the client can choose to extend the lease, purchase the installed kit or upgrade to a newer, higher efficiency system. For an 80kVA UPS system, datacentres would typically have to make an upfront investment from £20,000 and fund future maintenance, repair and replacement costs. Other benefits of Critical Power as a Service include a lower Total Cost of Ownership and potential tax reductions.

The C-PaaS model is ideal for purchasers of modular UPS systems including the Huawei UPS5000E series, available from 40kW to 1MW. The UPS5000E can be capacity upgraded by adding additional power modules to meet growing demand for uninterruptible power. Under C-PaaS the additional modules can be added during the lease term.

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