Politician wants energy drinks Red Bull and Relentless banned

December 9, 2010 | by | 0 Comments

Energy drinks such as Red Bull or Coca-Cola’s Relentless could be outlawed under new laws put forward by a US politician.

Legislator Lynn Nowick put forward the proposals, saying: “These drinks are potentially dangerous for teens.

“Why put foreign things in your body when you don’t know what’s going in to them? The drinks are not regulated.”

The ban would cover any drink containing 80 mg or more of caffeine. This is exactly the caffeine content of a can of red Bull, whereas a 500ml can of relentless contains around 160mg.

Politicians are set to vote on the ban next year. It is the latest development in an increasing backlash against energy drinks. Earlier this year manufacturers of alcoholic energy drinks were forced to withdraw caffeine as an ingredient, with politicians ruling that it constituted an unsafe additive.

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