Police hunting for pensioner who knocked down boy, 7, in a MOBILITY SCOOTER

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Police are hunting an elderly man after he mowed down a seven-year-old boy – in his MOBILITY SCOOTER.

Terrified D’Silva Kinzett was walking on the pavement with his mum and two-year-old sister Domino when the pensioner ran him over – TWICE.

D’Silva’s foot became trapped under the front wheel of the beige scooter and the driver reversed before running over him AGAIN causing severe bruising to his ankle.

D'Silva Kinzett with his mum Rowena Kinzett and little sister Domino on the pavement where he was run down by a pensioner in a mobility scooter

D’Silva Kinzett with his mum Rowena Kinzett and little sister Domino on the pavement where he was run down by a pensioner in a mobility scooter

The little lad was rushed to hospital with a suspected broken ankle after the bizarre hit-and-run which happened in Harborough town centre, Leics., on July 17.

Leicestershire Police are now hunting for the rogue pensioner who could face charges of assault, dangerous driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

Shocked mum Rowena Kinzett, 39, from Harborough, said: “We came out of the shop B&M Bargains and were walking towards Tesco and I had my pushchair.

“There was a mobility scooter coming towards us and I assumed he would slow down because he was going really fast and we didn’t have time to get my son out of the way.

“It was really strange. The man was just sitting there. He went back but then forward again, straight over his foot. It was like he couldn’t control it.

“He could have slowed down but they think that people should get out of the way.

“People have been saying to me that these scooters are a menace and go everywhere too fast.

“Harborough is an old people’s town and there are lots of them on the pavements.”

Police are now studying CCTV images of the man who is described as big built and aged in his mid-60s with short, curly grey hair.

A police spokesman urged the man to hand himself in.

He said: “If anyone witnessed it and knows who that scooter rider was they are advised to contact the police or even for the scooter driver themselves to come forward so we can take enquires further.”

The hit-and-run mobility scooter driver was travelling between 5-10mph when he ploughed into D’Silva Kinzett.

Full-time mum Rowena Kinzett said: “The man in the scooter was going pretty fast, it must have been five to ten miles per hour when it mowed down D’Silva.

“I screamed at the man to get off of him, I was shouting and he just didn’t respond, he didn’t say anything, it was so strange.

“I told him he had to reverse so he did, but then he went straight over his foot again and sped off.

“I was shocked, I really couldn’t believe it, things went from bad to worse when he went back over him.

“I pulled his foot away after that and turned to see if the man had a registration number on the back of his scooter but it was blank, I really couldn’t believe what had just happened and how the man reacted.

“He acted as if nothing had happened and just carried on with his day, no apology, nothing.

“Part of me wishes I would have gone after him but I just couldn’t, I had to stay with my son and look after him.”

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