Police chief slammed after offering disgraced ‘youth crime tsar’ Paris Brown a JOB

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Britain's first youth police commissioner Paris Brown who quit just SIX DAYS into her new role after violent and alleged racist and homophobic tweets

Britain’s first youth police commissioner Paris Brown who quit just SIX DAYS into her new role after violent and alleged racist and homophobic tweets

A Police and Crime Commissioner has shocked voters by offering disgraced ‘youth crime tsar’ Paris Brown a JOB.

The 17-year-old – who was paid £15,000-a-year for her role as Youth Police and Crime Commissioner in Kent – quit after boasting on Twitter about sex, drugs and violence.

Last month she broke down in tears outside Maidstone Police Station when she apologised for tweeting about ‘fags’, ‘pikeys’ and ‘illegals’.

She also added comments suggesting violence, claiming in one that she wanted to “f****** cut everyone” before blasting her local PIZZA DELIVERY company.

Brown ranted: “F****** hell why are the people from Direct Pizza so difficult to talk too!! IT IS CALLED ENGLISH. LEARN IT.”

A homophobic slur was directed at the cast of reality show Made In Chelsea when she claimed everyone in it “looks like a f****** fag”.

But despite her high-profile fall from grace, she has been offered the same role at Staffordshire Police.

Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis said the teenager would be his “ideal candidate”.

He said: “I am after someone who can really connect with their peers, with life experience and someone who represents young people broadly.

“Someone like Paris Brown would be my ideal commissioner.

“She was someone who had made mistakes in her past and apologised for them.

“But she represents the type of person I am after and the sort of young people I and the police need to engage with.

“I think she was treated terribly by the national press who were on a witch hunt.

“I would have stood by her and would have hoped she would have stayed in her role.

“I don’t see the position as controversial at all.

“I want to find someone who has life experience, who will encourage their peers to engage with the police.

“It will be great experience and help them in their job prospects and hopefully prove invaluable to me as a commissioner and to Staffordshire Police.

“We are after somebody who wouldn’t normally have a strong relationship with the police nor someone whose family are connected to the force.

“It is very exciting for us and very exciting for the successful young person.

“I launched the police cadets and that has been phenomenal.

“The most striking part of the event was one lad who came up to me with his guardian and said for him it was like joining the other side.”

Mr Ellis became Staffordshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner last November.

Voters in Staffordshire yesterday expressed shock at Mr Ellis’ comments.

Beryl Pope, 56, from Stafford, said: “It just shows how ridiculous these Police Crime Commissioner roles are when they basically offer jobs to people who have already proved they are not suitable to the task.

“Paris Brown was blatantly wrong for the role in Kent so why would she be suited to the post in Staffordshire?”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d hardly call the view of Beryl Pope, 56 from Stafford a “slamming”. Also, more proof please that voters have been shocked.

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