Plunging cleavage and short skirts actually ‘hold women back in the workplace back’

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Power dressing holds back women in the workplace

Power dressing holds back women in the workplace

Showing excessive cleavage, wearing tight miniskirts and slapping on too much make-up are the worst ways for women to get ahead at work, according to a new study.

Researchers polled 1,000 women to discover how attitudes have changed to female fashion at work and found the perfect dresser is – Holly Willoughby.

According to the results, “cliché power-dressing” – made popular in the eighties – is no longer the best way for women to dress in the workplace if they want to get a fast promotion.

The latest research suggests the worst thing women can do at work is over-dress with 61 per cent of those surveyed claiming showing too much cleavage was the biggest faux pas.

While 54 per cent of women surveyed said wearing tight miniskirts was the worst way to dress to get a promotion and 51 per cent said wearing excessive make-up was the worst way to get ahead.

The women surveyed said TV personality and working mum Holly Willoughby has the best look for modern British office with 35 per cent of the vote followed by actress Emma Watson who received 15 per cent.

Their cool and casual look trumped the formality of business personalities such as apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry who received two per cent of the votes

While Dragons Den’s Hilary Devey – known for her shoulder pads and ‘OTT’ make up – received just one per cent of the vote.

Almost the same number of women, 61 per cent, said they would struggle to accept a strict dress code.

A further 22 per cent went as far as to say they’d struggle to continue in their current job if they were told what to wear.

Commenting on the findings, Julie Donnelly, Head of Womanswear Buying at fashion website said: “The office is the new catwalk and fashion doesn’t stop during office hours.

“Instead of trying to make a power statement or impress ‘the boys’, the ‘easy glamour’ exhibited by Holly Willoughby, individuality and not trying too hard comprise the modern office dress code – and that can only be a good thing.”

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