Paralysed dog runs again after being fitted with wheels

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A dog paralysed by a freak accident is on a roll – after being fitted with a special doggy wheelchair.

Suki the Tibetan spaniel lost the use of her rear legs after she slipped four discs in her back while chasing a pigeon.

She was due to be put down until owners Roy and Sylvia Thomas bought a special wheelchair for disabled dogs on the internet for £200.

The wheels are attached to a harness which enables 12-year-old Suki to go for walks by using her front legs to pull her body forward.

Father-of-two Roy, 76, from Barnwood, Glos., said the device has prolonged her life and makes her ”really happy”.

He said: ”We thought she would have to be put down at first but daughter found a set of wheels on the internet and we bought them for £200.

”It took her a few days to get used to them, but she soon did.  Now she looks forward to going out for her daily walk and she’s always ready before I am.

”It has prolonged Suki’s life and she is really happy.  Her twin brother Leo really looks after her very well especially when she had the accident.”

Suki was left in severe pain in the summer of 2006 when four discs in her back were damaged after she fell trying to catch a pigeon.

Roy and Sylvia, who worked as professional dance teachers, spent #2,000 on surgery but the operation failed and Suki’s rear legs were left paralysed.

Several months later their daughter Adele spotted some Eddies Wheels, custom built for handicapped pets, on the internet and they bought them for £200.

Roy added: ”It has given her a new lease of life.  A lot of people stop and take photographs of her because the wheels are very unusual.”

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