Paedophile biker dies in prison

September 13, 2010 | by | 29 Comments

A paedophile biker jailed after he threatened to kill three teenage girls unless they performed a ”disgusting” porn video has died of a heart attack in prison.

Vile Simon Webb, 43, filmed the girls – aged 14, 15 and 16 – kissing and touching each other on his mobile phone after he drove them to a field.

Webb – a notorious member of biker gang the ‘Outlaws’ – was jailed for five years in June after he admitted inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

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But days before Webb was due to appear in court again on fraud offences he collapsed in his prison cell in HMP Wymott in Lancashire on September 4.

Webb, who was 6ft 5in tall and weighed over 22 stone, was taken to Chorley and South Ribble Hospital but died soon after arriving.

Today his estranged wife Anne-Marie, 30, said wanted to view his body so she could ”give him a good slap”.

She said: ”When he told me I just burst out laughing but the next minute I burst into tears.

”I was thinking about how I was going to tell the children their dad is dead. My main concern is the kids.

”It was just after X Factor had finished when I was told. It’s a good job he didn’t come before the end.

”I’m going to view the body so I can give him a good slap. I want to make sure he’s dead then I can pawn his wedding ring.

”I have already pawned mine. I am now classed as a widow but I would rather be classed as divorced. I’m sad I didn’t get to divorce him before he died.

”I asked the police officer if I would get a widow’s pension. At least I won’t have to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder.”

Webb admitted promising his teenage victims £4,000 each if they took part in a fashion shoot.

But when the father-of-five picked the girls up he drove them to a secluded field and forced them to perform sex acts on each other on June 27 last year.

Coventry Crown Court heard Webb threatened to kill the girls and dump their bodies in a river if they refused to take part.

Webb, from Pinvin, near Pershore, Worcs., admitted three offences of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and one of causing a child to watch sexual activity.


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  1. victim says:

    Not only was he a paedophile, but he was a serial fraudster stealing thousands of pounds off decent people. He was due for trial on 10 counts on 13 September 2010 at Worcester Crown Court but this was the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Larry says:

    Just as long as he’s gone and saving tax payers hard earned money all is good.
    Wishing for his victims a full recovery.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where is the video I want to see it

  4. Victim says:

    Forgot to mention that when a bouncer at The Dome Nightclub-Birmingham he broke someone’s eye socket and was banged up for GBH.
    As for being “a notorious member of biker gang the ‘Outlaws’ “, much as he might have wished it, Mr Webb would never have been accepted.

  5. xen says:

    One fewer pedophile in the world. Those poor girls have my sympathy, as does his rightly furious wife.

    A man I knew was recently convicted of multiple counts of rape and child exploitation. Death seems too good.

    • Gwenny says:

      Not a pedophile. Just a perv.

      • Sucka Free says:

        While he’s technically an ephebophile, you should keep in mind the following before going around saying he’s not a paedophile:

        “[…] The term pedophilia is commonly used to refer to any sexual interest in minors below the legal age of consent, regardless of their level of physical, mental, or psychological development. Acting upon ephebophilic preference can be illegal, for example, when the adolescent is below the legal age of consent.”

        Technical, by definition only, he is not a paedophile. However, according to law, by engaging in the acts that he has, he is committing an act of paedophilia.

      • Whit says:

        I see why Gwenny disagrees with this article, the fat pedophiles have to stick together right?

  6. Gwenny says:

    /facepalm. He’s not a paedophile, he’s just a perv. Paedophiles are attracted to prepubescent (ie, before secondary sexual characteristics emerge) children of either gender. Teenage females are almost never that immature physically. They are young women, not children. Too bad their parents didn’t give them the skills to reject this sort of thing. My daughter, at the same age, told a man who was hitting on her at an event, “I consider breaking your arm an appropriate way to say no the third time.” All girls should be taught to be that forthright.

    • Cumbricia says:

      Gwenny, you’re the worst kind of troll. Whatever technical description you would like everyone to use to clearly describe exactly what kind of pervert this fellow was, the fact is that – technically right or wrong – “paedophile” is in common use to describe it.

      16 might constitute a “young woman” to you – but 14 and 15 sure don’t, at least not to me.

      Don’t you have anything else to blather about, then some pedantic issue of usage?

      Why don’t you do something constructive with your time – go down to the local bus station and correct the grammar on the bathroom walls.

      • Bobjones says:

        And YOU are the worst kind of human being. Hanging on technicalities and downright insulting someone that you disagree with?

        You’re WORSE than that dumb biker. I just wish it was YOU that suffered the heart attack and not him.

        How does it feel now? Trailer park slut.

    • Somerandom says:

      teaching your kids to say no has nothing to do with this. what do you think they would do after they have been driven to a secluded field by a biker and threatened to be murdered. at that point if you dont have a gun your best bet is to do what he says and not be strangled. although at that point it is 50/50 as to wether you are going to be killed anyways, after all they were allready in a field alone with this guy with no transportation dipshit.

  7. Apoxonu says:

    Fat piece of sub-human shiat. Burn in hell.

  8. Know-Your-Pervs! says:

    Actually, Gwenny isn’t quite that far off. Not a Pedophile. An Ephebophile, or a Hebephile to be exact. Definitions: one who has a hard-on for Early or Later teens.


    • Sucka Free says:

      Keep in mind that while Gwenny is definitely correct, she is only correct by way of dictionary definition. In terms of law, any sexual act committed by an adult on a minor under the age of consent is considered to be in the category of “paedophilia”.

      • Bob Jones says:

        Problem is, in many places, the age of consent is 14 which makes a physical relationship with these girls legal.

        Distastefull, disgusting and evil are very good words to describe what this biker low-life did to these girls.

        Personally, I’m glad he’s dead.

  9. Km_2_go says:

    I agree with Gwenny. Using the term pedophile to describe someone sexually attracted to sexually mature people cheapens the term. 100 years ago these women would have been married and raising children. Were their husbands all pedophiles as well?

  10. Just Saying says:

    It would have been perfectly legal in Iceland. Age of consent is 14. So…if it’s legal, is it still immoral?

  11. Princess_hana94 says:

    all of you people make me sick reading this three girls got sexual abused and your having a disscussion and for you qwenney you are worse then he is for saying they should of none better if you must no the truth he was a family friend from one of the girls and thats why they trusted him but he abused there trust and abused them your all very very sick to discussion a topic like this!

  12. Princess_hana94 says:

    perv or what ever that man was a sick and twisted guy you would no if it happend to you!

  13. Anonymous says:

    He was perverted and was convicted of sexual abuse off under age girls -one was the daughter of his best friend. He died in prison.
    He never got convicted for the 11 sample frauds he was guilty of and many people have lost a lot of money to this fraudster. Frankly a long and painful death would have been more appropriate.

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