Paedophile banned from Uganda after targeting orphans

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A convicted paedophile who fled to Uganda to target orphaned children has been banned from travelling to the African country.

Samuel Kinge, 29, was jailed for nine months in 2005 for downloading pornographic images of children from the internet.

But he staged his own death and changed his name which allowed him to run a school website for kids for three years.

Shockingly, during the same period Kinge visited an orphanage in Uganda and used gifts to prey upon vulnerable street children.

Kinge was jailed for 12 months in January this year at Worcester Crown Court after admitting downloading 424 indecent images of children.

West Mercia Police have now won a civil case preventing him from travelling to the African country after details of the trips emerged.

The court heard how Kinge, from Worcester, was first jailed for nine months for downloading child porn in 2005.

But he used the website Friends Reunited to fake his own death before changing his name by deed poll from Daniel to Samuel.

He ran a Government-approved teachers’ resource for three years website giving him access to primary schools.

Kinge travelled to Uganda in October 2008 and May 2009 while he taught Religious Education at a primary school in Wellsbourne, Warks.

He used the trips to donate £1,000 to an orphanage that he visited during the four week stays.

Kinge also sent a child’s dress and a colouring set to Uganda with a list of primary schools and placed where street kids played.

He was caught in 2009 and pleaded guilty to 17 counts of making indecent photographs of children.

But Police applied for the foreign travel order after they feared that he would travel to Uganda again to target more children.

Police solicitor Mandy Weston said: ”Police have said that King had shown a high degree of premeditation and planning.

”His contact with vulnerable children in another country was cause for concern as he could not be monitored.”

Chair of the magistrates Patricia Richards said: ”Kinge had been banned from teaching children in the UK yet had contact with children in Africa.

”Uganda may well be a county where your behaviour may not be monitored.

”But behaviour of that sort in this country is not tolerated. You are not allowed to be involved in the care of children in this country, so it is our belief other children in other countries should be given the same safeguards and dignity.”

Kinge will be unable to travel to the African county until October 13, 2015.

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