Online lender Payday Loans Now offering £5,000 cash within minutes

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A loan company today announced that is offering pay day loans of up to £5,000 through its website.

Payday Loans Now promises borrowers that they’ll receive almost instant decisions and attractive rates, while only having to fill out short applications.

These benefits make it easier for borrowers to pay-off utility bills, medical expenses and other pressing debts, in expeditious manners. The speed at which borrowers can receive funds supersedes other lending portals and options in the marketplace.

Payday Loans Now offers up to £5,000 cash within minutes

Payday Loans Now offers up to £5,000 cash within minutes

Payday Loans Now is a secure lending matching service that helps borrowers connect with the right lenders, providing both parties the best possible service. Borrowers get competitive rates on payday loans, and lenders get the clientele that best matches their loan portfolio profile. To qualify for payday loans, borrowers must be a minimum of 18-years-old and a U.K. resident. They must also have a valid U.K. address, U.K. bank account and documented income.

A spokesman said: ‘The process of paying back a short-term loan is as convenient and simple as getting approved for a loan. Once borrowers have the funds to pay-off the loan, they can transfer the money from their bank account to the appropriate third-party. However, late charges apply if payday loans are not repaid within the terms of the loan agreement.

‘Payday Loans Now is an innovator in the short-term financing industry, and its unique technical processes help borrowers receive loan approval within minutes. Their streamlined, user-friendly lender matching system helps people all over the U.K. get the assistance they need, when they need it the most.’

To protect borrowers and the public, all agreements for payday loans are made in accordance to the rules set-forth by the financial conduct authority. Payday Loans Now constantly updates their processes and procedures to remain compliant with current regulations.


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