On-the-Go Beauty Tips for Travelling

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With January being prime time for booking your next holiday, you might be looking for new and exciting beauty products that you can try out on your next adventure.

Whether you’re travelling by plane, boat or even the car, a disruption to your usual daily routine can cause issues with your skin; impacting on your mood and consequently affecting your entire trip. Along with not feeling your usual self, the impact that travelling-stress has on your skin can also influence your self-confidence.

Elise from Celebricious shares all you need to know about travel beauty, and how to make sure that you’re looking (and feeling!) your best whilst you’re on holiday:

Pack Multi-Tasking Products

The feeling of dread that comes with emptying your hand luggage can be overwhelming – especially if it’s the only luggage you’re taking!

Instead of attempting to pack three types of concealer for highlighting, colour correcting and covering blemishes, just pack one all-in-one product that can control all three. Instead of packing a separate bronzer and contouring powder, pick a product that can do both.

The majority of airlines often restrict the measurements of liquid you fly with too, so packing multi-taskers can help free up space for other liquid-based beauty items.

Keep Moisturised

We mentioned earlier that travelling can take its toll on your skin and overall appearance. However, this can be combatted by making sure that both your skin and body is constantly hydrated and moisturise.

If you’re travelling by plane, throw a small moisturiser into your hand luggage bag and apply it both mid-air and again when you land. Not only will this help your skin to keep hydrated, but it will also help your skin to appear naturally healthy.

Opt for Travel Sizes

Despite running the risk of sounding too obvious, opting for travel/mini-sized beauty products is a great way to pack lightly and not fill-up precious space in your suitcase.

Mascara, foundation and haircare products such as shampoo and conditioner can be bought in smaller sizes to avoid the need of carrying around heavy products in your luggage. The same also goes for toiletries such as toothpaste and shower gel!

Choose Your Nail Colour Wisely

A surprising tip that I learned whilst travelling is to paint my nails in a nude colour as opposed to bright and vivid shades. This is because in the likely event that your nails chip, it will be less noticeable.

Because of this, you probably won’t need to pack your nail polish in your luggage for your trip, meaning extra space. More importantly, you’ll spend less time perfecting your manicure and more time enjoying your holiday!

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