The new Omate watch shows its time for the smartest technology

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Technology is full of constant advancements and new items are dominating the market regularly to not only showcase the significant developments but to appeal to the audience and to broaden the way in which we use technology to meet our everyday needs and to complete the simplest of tasks.

The most used items are now being transformed by technology and the latest overhaul has happened to the everyday watch. The smart watch is the latest in modern technology and is the epitome of everything, which we need from our favourite items and the technology we choose to utilise.

The Omate smart watch brings together smartphone technology into a time piece

The Omate smart watch brings together smartphone technology into a time piece

The watch, by Omate, is about to hit the market and technology lovers are eagerly awaiting its arrival. The watch contains a micro sim, which provides 3G capabilities and allows the wearer to go far beyond simply telling the time.

 The truesmart watch is able to:

  • Make voice calls
  • Send and receive social media messages
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Satellite navigation technology
  • Voice to text
  • Voice notes
  • Alarms
  • World clock functions
  • Music player
  • Gesture and voice control

The technology, which is contained within such, a small device is a clear example of just how far technology has come and the level of dependency we all experience. The watch doesn’t need to be paired with a smartphone or a tablet to work in the way in which is meant too.

Android technology is found within the device which means it wont be long until full Internet access is available. Something like the truesmart watch is an everyday item that will support our needs to be entertained and engaged and allows us to take the items we so readily rely upon to an entirely new level.

We depend on our phones and tablets and other devices to gain access to the internet to socialise, interact and play and applications such as social media, informative sites such as news providers and game sites like mecca bingo are all utilised on a daily basis and now the technology in the smartwatch will increase the accessibility we have to the internet and the sites which we favour.

The watch is due for release towards the end of this year and is expected to sell around 8million units in 2014 alone, with the sales figures increasing with every new update and form of technology, which is added.

More and more items are being renewed with the addition of technology that we want and need to use. The need to be constantly in touch, informed and engaged means that everyday items now have a new meaning and need the addition of technology to make them relevant and popular.

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