Oil refinery supervisor spied on female colleagues with a camera hidden in a toilet AIR FRESHENER

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An oil refinery supervisor spied on female colleagues by setting up a spy camera in an air freshener in their toilet.

Jonathan Canavon, who worked for BP, used a stolen company credit card to pay for the equipment and ‘extras’ at strip clubs worth a total of £9,000.

A court heard his secret camera remained hidden for five months until a horrified woman spotted its flashing blue light.

Jonathan Canavon set up a hidden camera in the women's toilets and used a company card to pay for extras at strip clubs

Jonathan Canavon set up a hidden camera in the women’s toilets and used a company card to pay for extras at strip clubs  like this (file picture)

She removed the memory card and found a hoard of intimate shots of colleagues using the bathroom.

Canavon, 32, was arrested as he arrived for his night shift at the refinery on the Isle of Grain just off the Kent coast.

He was charged with 19 counts of voyeurism and theft of the company credit card and was sacked by BP.

Single Canavon, who still lives with his parents in Grays, Essex, admitted the charges at Medway Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

The case was referred to Maidstone Crown Court for sentencing on January 31.

The court was told receipts were found showing Canavon had also used the company credit card to buy other covert cameras.

One is believed to have been disguised in a tissue box and another as a coat hook, but neither were ever found.

Outside court one of his victims, who is in her 30s, said: “I was sickened when I realised what he’d done, I thought he was a friend, I trusted him. I could have killed him.

“The toilet is one place that should be private. It was disgusting to find out he’d been filming us. I felt violated and angry.

“He was single and lived with his mum and dad and so we even tried to help find a girlfriend, set him up on dates and things like that.”

A second victim said: “He was one of the gang. He acted nicely towards to us but now I think back, he never ever looked me in the eye.

“He used to make us tea all day long, so I guess he was doing that so we would use the toilet more. It’s disgusting.

“I can’t go in any public toilet now without searching it first, I have to have a good look around and it always reminds me of what he did.

“I would like to see him put on the sex offenders’ register and go to prison for what he has done as we totally trusted him.”

Canavon’s parents Michael and Marion Canavon have both served as ward councillors for the Labour party in Essex.

His dad was also a political assistant to the Labour party until last year.

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