Odd looking bird “GUIN” rare cross between guinea-fowl and chicken

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This odd-looking bird had her owners in a right flap when they discovered she was a rare cross breed – with FOUR wings.

The strange bird – called a Guin – is a bizarre cross between a guinea fowl and a chicken.

But guin – nicknamed ‘Tulip’ after she hatched in Spring – has two tiny extra wings, larger breasts, blue eyes and oddly walks with a swagger.

Tulip’s owners, poultry farmers Lyn and Tom Newman, say she is the result of one of their male guinea fowls getting frisky with one of their Dutch barnevlder hens.

Lyn, 59, said: ”When the chicks hatched I noticed one of them was very peculiar.

”She was walking strangley, almost with a stoop or a swagger, and was longer in the body and had these funny little extra wings.

”We have a male guinea fowl which lives in the hen coop because hes like a guard dog protecting them from wild animals like foxes.

”He obviously got cosy with one of our hens and Tulip is the end result. We like her very much and she’s become part of the family.”

Lyn runs a small holding of 36 chickens, six ducks and two guinea fowl with her husband Tom, 61, in Defford, near Pershore, Worcs.

Tom said: ”We have done research and discovered that guin’s are extremely rare and do not usually survive long when they are born.

”Tulip is going from strength to strength and we are delighted with her.

She’s certainly the oddest bird I’ve ever seen.”

Despite having four wings the guin is a flight-less bird and usually only survive up to 21 days after being hatched

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  1. LYN Newman says:

    tulip is now 5months old and is a COCK. very healthy still. We will be interested to hear from anyone with a guin, to compare notes.

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