Monkeying around, the newborn king colobus monkey… that has no name

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This little newborn is getting up to some real monkey business after being born at a British zoo.

The king colobus monkey is the latest arrival at Paignton Zoo, Devon, and is the fourth offspring of father Martin, 16, and mother Ivy, 11.

It will not be named until it can be sexed at six months old.

The king colobus monkey with its mother

The king colobus monkey with its mother

The baby monkey weighs under a kilo

The baby monkey weighs under a kilo

Pure white at birth and weighing under a kilo, the newborn will develop black markings at one month.

Neil Bemment, the zoo’s curator of animals, said the birth is very important as there are only six king colobus collections in Europe.

He said: “The birth is special and we want this population to grow further.”

King colobus monkeys are listed as a vulnerable species and live in forest and wooded grassland, eating mainly leaves.

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