Man United fan stops council painting house in Man City’s colours

September 10, 2010 | by | 66 Comments

A life-long Manchester United fan has won a row with his local council over plans to paint his house electric blue – the colour of bitter local rivals City.

Dedicated Edward Bowkett, 61, was furious when he discovered his terraced home was going to be painted blue as part of an overhaul of the street.

Edward, who grew up in Manchester and has supported The Reds since he was four, pleaded with his housing association not to go ahead with plans to paint it blue.

And they finally caved in and have now agreed to paint the three bedroom house – which he shares with wife Suzanne – white.

Edward, from Peasedown St. John, near Bath, Somerset, said: ”I’ve supported United my whole life and grew up watching them as a lad.

”There is no way on this earth I was going to have my home painted the same colour as their biggest rivals City.

”The shade of blue they are using is virtually the exact same that City use as their strip so, naturally I objected.

”I don’t want to have to walk into my house every day and be confronted by the colour of their strip.”

Dad-of-six Edward, who is registered disabled after suffering a series of strokes, is a lifelong fan of Manchester United – nicknamed The Red Devils.

But he was stunned when he saw workmen painted houses in the area sky blue – the colour of bitter rivals – six weeks ago.

He immediately contacted housing association Somer and last week had a meeting at which he staunchly refused to have his home the same colour.

And last weekend, workmen visited the property and painted the house white, despite others owned by the housing association being painted blue.

He added: ”My brother’s a City fan and he gives me enough stick. I dread to think what he would have said if my house was painted blue.

”I’d never hear the end of it.

”Quite apart from the Man City thing it’s an awful colour that looks as though it belongs on a Smurf.

”It is also like a big sign announcing you live in social housing, which I think is unnecessary and unfair.”

Richard James, assistant director of Somer, said: ”The colour scheme at Frederick Avenue is made up of shades of blue that was chosen through an evening consultation event with residents.

”All residents were also informed of the chosen colour scheme prior to the work commencing.

”We will continue with the current scheme that residents are generally pleased with, but will agree alternatives with residents who are unhappy with the chosen colour.”

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  1. Goldie says:

    And they call City fabs bitter????

    • Abbey Road says:

      ,,, and it’s not even the same colour that Man C play in. How much council time and money was wasted on this nonsensical argument?

  2. bluemancunian says:

    Well City play in Blue and white so his white house goes well with the blue.

    What a typical out of town muppet

    • frank swift says:

      are you being deliberatly thick?! united and countless other teams count white as a composite of their strip. that particular shade of blue is very much synonomous with city. personally, if i saw that colour i would just smile to myself and think ’34 years’, but clearly this gentleman would rather not face it on every journey home.

      • bluemancunian says:

        See the comment from King Of The Kippax you retarded red Tw*t

        He’s helping to make the street blue AND white

        Deary me. Now who’s the thick one

  3. Mikegillett says:

    oh dear . i thought us council houes wallers would stick together..Mike The Blue Gillett.. ps
    Get a life fella

  4. mike manchester says:

    Somerset yea thats about right, not too disabled to walk round his garden, typical red.

  5. Anonymous says:

    typical trafford town fan. lives south of bristol, couldn’t find owed trafford with a tomtom. ‘his’ house now trims the street nicely to look exactly like a city kit. lghu

  6. mankmanuk says:

    Personally I think the houses in Blue look nicer than yours.

    Another wasted case claiming DLA, thanks for taking the money of all us hard working people you lazy red waste of space.

  7. Sir Fergus of Glazerville says:

    So who is bitter exactly? The truth is out there, and painted on the walls of Edward Bowkett’s house.

    Another arrogant swamp dweller complaining and telling everyone else what’s what.

  8. Ausblu2003 says:


  9. Sir Fergus of Glazerville says:

    ‘Oh my god’ his grass is green I bet he hates coming home to that. Maybe he’d prefer Orange grass.

  10. Ian says:

    typical rag-out of date shirt to wear in front of the tv while he watches his team play-i bet he never been to old trafford-just like the majority of them

  11. So being a Utd fan makes you NOT a part of the ‘Manchester’ community? Well, seeing that they’re from Salford, I guess that’s true enough.

    Now if only they would just change their name accordingly!

    • frank swift says:

      the club’s bank street groud, which preceded old trafford, was virtually in the same place as city’s ground is now. so how are the club ‘from’ salford? that would be like calling for bolton to be renamed ‘horwich wanderers’ as their ground is no longer in bolton. jealousy will get you nowhere 😉

  12. Brian says:

    So now the street is complate in the Blue and White of Manchester City! Perhaps he should have gone for Purple or yellow or green.

  13. DazBlue says:

    Near Bath, Somerset… says it all really!!!

    “registered disabled after suffering a series of strokes” – Doesn’t he know he could qualify just by being a Rag?

  14. Swanborough8 says:

    Blimey…….. why is he wearing Blue Jeans? Better tell the council!!

    His grass is overgrown, Old Trafford would be disgusted!

  15. DidsburyBlue says:


  16. King of the Kippax says:

    BLUE AND WHITE they go together we will carry on forever more! Even if were playing down at Maine Road or if we play a million miles away, they’ll always be our loyal fans behind us to cheer us on our way! City………

    If they do that all the way down the street, blue then white then blue then white etc. the whole street will look like the Famous City Scarf! The plastic Red might be onto something there!!
    Green and Gold until they Fold!!!! :o)

  17. Red Knight no. 3333333 says:

    Leave him alone ! How many of you have the b*lls to stand up for your beliefs. If thats the attitude at the Republic of electric blue, little wonder who’s on top

  18. Wolfyman says:

    Get what you’re given you ungrateful council scum

  19. Dean Astley says:

    A life long United from Somerset – there’s a surprise

    • frank swift says:

      read the article mate. he’s from manchester and his brother supports citeh. no chance of his brother being a ‘glory supporter’ is there!

  20. It's Grim Oop North says:

    This is proper hilarious!

    Love the bit about painting alternate houses in white to make a giant City scarf, what’s he going to do about his next door neighbour’s house?

    This guy is a legend, more of the same please.

  21. Jake says:

    leave the guy alone, its not like he’s done anything against any of you he just supports a rival team. and its not as if the cost of white paint is more than the cost of blue paint..

  22. Edward Cornforth says:

    Pikey in his OLD SHIRT !
    Theatre of Debt Salford LOL

  23. citytillidie123 says:

    Ball bag

  24. rooneylovesprozzers says:


  25. wayne rooney says:

    cut your lawn you scruffy red fooker o and wayne rooney has been with your wife

  26. gooner says:

    fucking moron

  27. John Tamburri says:

    What is it with these Pikeys they want everything for nowt.The dopey council should paint it blue and if he wants it white use some of his invalidity dosh to paint it hiself or get another pikey to do it,tosser

  28. SAFredarmy says:

    so many utd haters lol it just makes us stronger you jelous cnuts 😉

  29. James says:

    ”It is also like a big sign announcing you live in social housing, which I think is unnecessary and unfair.”

    So, the best thing to do is talk to the press and have your picture taken?

  30. Herecomesgreeny says:

    I’m biting my lip….too easy a target.

    He could be in a lovely sky blue house like his neighbours, but he’s visually indicating to his neighbours that he’s the local nutter. Maybe they thought he could have another stroke.

    I hope those blood vessels in his brain are strong – there’s a lot more upset on the way for this clearly-not-all-there old nut job

  31. ManUnitedForLife says:

    hahahaha manchester city are a cheating, scum club who are attempting to buy trophies and they’re failing at that simple task hahaha
    they make me laugh, this guy has any right to go and ask them to change the colour of his house, you try moving into a big red house if your a scum city fan.
    idiots. saw you all singing for your team when you got knocked out of the CARLING CUP last year hahaha, only silverwear you could even dream of winning!

  32. Zahid says:

    hes from Somerset so what if hes a scum supporter its Somerset and not Manchester id understand if he was living in Manchester, i hope the neighbours are against him because they all had they’re houses painted blue why is his house so special forget the football team……

  33. MCFCVillage says:

    Typical a local supporter of the scum

  34. Dr_Nick says:

    Typical City fan’s choosing to miss out the bit about him growing up in manchester and instead choosing to state where he now lives. There are thousands of Blue’s who dont live in manchester, e.g stockport, bury, rochdale, oldham etc i know people who say they like them but come from these places. City fans hate using red, even in one of the other papers it said that one fan hates anything to do with red and another only votes tory cos they are blue. Pathetic. He is perfectly within his rights not to want blue on his house just as a city fan would not want there house coloured red.
    Btw if your wondering I support BURY!

    • Stu says:

      “He is perfectly within his rights not to want blue on his house just as a city fan would not want there house coloured red.”

      So what you’re suggesting, is that no City fan lives in a house that is composed of red bricks?

      • Dr_Nick says:

        Obvoiusly most houses have red bricks that near enough unavoidable. But if a city fan was told it had to be painted red they would kick up a fuss about it.

      • bluemancunian says:

        Hey I never thought about that. Sh*t, MY house is built with red bricks. Better complain to the council

        Sh*t, I can’t I own my house bought with money that I’ve earned.

  35. Better_dead_than_red says:

    It’s a council house and your a tennant (gets the rent free I bet!) so do as your told…

  36. Ray says:

    Should have been painted green “with envy”.

  37. Ray says:

    Or even red as “deeply in the red” Goes well with ginger mingers Simple Red.

  38. Nitpop01 says:


  39. p smichiel says:

    typical utd fan, he lives 200 miles away, has a walking stick to claim benefits and has the biggest gob on his street. he’s not worthy of the colour blue. god knows what’d happen if the council painted his house grey, he’d probably not recognise his house and end up walkin the streets for the rest of his life.

  40. Jenks says:

    Bet he’s never been to a game in his life!
    He probably watches the matches on SKY…How can he afford that on the benefits WE pay him?
    Hope he’s one of the government targets to cut and get him into work..maybe he could get a bit of practice in doing his garden…lazy git.

  41. mcfc007 says:

    what a twat

  42. Franks Mum says:

    he’s inbred, he talks out of his arse as well. he also looks like somebody who’d stand naked in front of his livingroom window as the school bus drives past, yes thats right he’s a fuckin pervert.

  43. CITD says:

    Typical out of town rag. will never been to Manchester in his life.
    Pays for SKY out of what he robs from the taxpayer.

  44. HAMMER says:

    Buy your own house you pig sh*t thick northern MONKEY!

  45. MPH says:

    Nice sized garden there. Perfect to get some nice home grown organic veg in.

  46. ragHATER says:

    The Scruffy tramp, look at that garden loving those flowers.The council should kick him out back to his caravan.
    Get a job and buy your own home you rag-scum,see you on the Jezza Kyle show soon.

  47. ragHATER says:

    The Scruffy tramp, look at that garden loving those flowers.The council should kick him out back to his caravan.
    Get a job and buy your own home you rag-scum,see you on the Jezza Kyle show soon.

  48. Fergiflea says:

    Paint it WHITE LUFC

  49. Fergiflea says:

    Paint it WHITE LUFC

  50. MOT says:

    He campaigned for his house to not get painted in Man City’s colour….so now it’s painted in Leeds United’s colour!

  51. Jeebus says:

    Interesting, a lot of finger pointing that he’s uneducated, yet the same people are trying to say he wouldn’t be able to find Old Trafford…even though he is a raised Mancunian. Makes me wonder if half of you can even read. Seems to me this thread has been infiltrated by the real pikey scum – who are never far away when there is a chance to have a pop at a United fan – i.e. the bin dipping Liverpool ‘fans’.

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